6 Steps for Starting an Inflatable Theme Park Business

6 Steps for Starting an Inflatable Theme Park Business
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Inflatable theme parks have grown in both popularity and existence over the last decade. They are a fun place for all the family and serve a dual purpose in that they are amazing ways to stay physically fit too. As a business move, starting an inflatable theme park is a relevant idea targeting a wide demographic in the eyes of current demand. Here are six steps to get the journey started.

Begin with Some Research

Before being able to make a proper business plan, you have to understand what you are up against competition wise. This is where the research portion of your preparation comes in. Take a look at all the other similar businesses in your local proximity, and see how far the competition extends and to what lengths the popularity rises.

Pick the Perfect Plot

After your research around the competition, it is time to take a look at plot options for your new business idea. You could check in with estate agents that service the area or check out land listings. It depends on whether you want to run an outdoor or indoor entertainment center as to what you actually decide on and how you shape your search.

Source Your Inflatables

When you have the perfect space, whether it is property or land, it is time to bring your inflatable theme park to life. What is the best way to breathe life into the project? Find some inflatable equipment, of course! The best advice in this department is to find a reputable company to provide what you need and talk you through the right processes. Make sure you have a business plan up and running so you have a general trajectory to guide the initial meeting.

Plan Out Employee and Management Responsibilities: Spotlight on Health and Safety

You will also have to decide how many employees you will need. There are a lot of health and safety regulations to adhere to with inflatable parks, especially if you are going to open the doors to younger children. That means you will have to have at least a few members of staff to assist with the safe operation of rides and supporting guests too. Get your safety policies straightened up and make sure everyone you do hire understands what is required of them within their contract.

Marketing and Business Exposure

There can be no business at all if you don’t market it successfully. Getting exposure boosts the potential to find new clients and customers. Customers are what keep business running smoothly and increase your profit revenue. They can also positively boost your reputation and bring you new business by leaving positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations.

Finalize an Open Date

When all of the above is sorted and regulated, it is time to pick an open date! This will be key in your marketing strategy, and you can even tie it in with pre-booking promotional things too.

Starting an inflatable theme park business is a lot of fun, but it does require some solid planning and forward thinking to get ahead of the competition!

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