Amazing Tattoo Ideas for Women

A tattoo is simply artwork done on the skin, and it can look good on both women and men; there are no tattoos mainly made for women, just as there are no tattoo ideas solely for men—regardless, knowing how to create a killer tattoo portfolio can greatly enhance your artistic pursuits in this field.

However, there are no tattoos made for majorly one gender; here are some great tattoo ideas for women that are stylish and trending. In order to get a high and long-lasting tattoo, you must buy tattoo supplies in Canada.

1. A great design inked on a woman’s shoulder

Based on your preferences and the skills of the tattoo artist, you can have any form or art inked on your shoulder.

This is one of the many tattoo ideas that require high skills because the shoulder is not that linear and will require a high level of concentration during the inking process.

Most of the tattoos inked on the shoulder are mostly large in size and noticeable from quite a distance. A great design inked on the shoulder is the best option for tattoo ideas if you want to attract attention to your shoulder.

However, this tattoo idea requires an experienced professional so that you get a perfect idea and you won’t regret the results.

2. A geometrical tattoo on the neck

The neck is a perfect body part for having a geometric tattoo inked on, however hard it may seem. The tattoo is created by inking geometric shapes using a black and ink tattoo on the neck.

This tattoo is usually huge and sometimes can go all around the neck. It will also require you a professional who is experienced in tattoo ideas because a mess will bring so different results from what you expected.

A geometric tattoo idea is a trending one because it is so realistic, and most people admire the skills used in coming up with it.

3. An ornamental tattoo with dot work on the armpit

One among tattoo ideas that bring a lot of harmony and skills for a perfect finish. It is an awesome design created by inking the armpit using black ink to come up with a finish of dot work on an ornamental tattoo.

This specific kind of tattoo idea will cause you a relatively high amount of pain compared to other ideas due to its location. If you are not ready to bear some pain for this artwork, then this is not the tattoo idea for you.

An ornamental tattoo with dot work on the armpit can serve you need attention on your armpit and when you don’t need a lot of attention too. This is because of its location you can choose when to show it and when not to.

4. A real tiger artwork tattoo

The tattoo is created by painting a real tiger on any body part of your choice based on your preference. The size of the tiger should be of medium size on the woman’s body part of their choice.

When done right just down the clavicle, it brings an amazing finish because that part of the body is relatively flat, making painting the artwork relatively easy.

5 .Watercolor

A watercolor tattoo is one of the most stylish tattoo ideas. The tattoo is created by painting balloons and some woman figure sketch inked using the type of blue that signifies the color of the water.

A watercolor tattoo is very feminine if you are looking forward to achieving some feminine touch on your tattoo. It also requires a highly skilled professional to avoid regrets with the finish.

6. Stokes of brush on the arm

This specific kind of tattoo idea is basically transforming the skin on your forearm into a canvas. The tattoo is usually huge, and for this reason, you require highly experienced personnel because any mess will result in serious damage to the appearance of your forearm.

It is a great choice if you love huge tattoo ideas because it fills nearly three-quarters of your forearm.

7. Flowers on woman’s triceps

If you need that harmonic and organic touch on your tattoo, the flower tattoo is the best choice. Flowers are perfect and beautiful, and everybody loves flowers.

Among the many tattoo ideas available, a flower tattoo will be understood and admired by absolutely everyone. This is so because, for a flower, there are not so many hidden meanings to be interpreted.

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