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Amazon Echo Show 15 not working or stuck on black screen, users report

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Amazon Echo Show 15 is reportedly not working properly or getting stuck on a black screen for many users. The Echo 15 continuously gets an error asking users not to unplug their devices.

Echo Show 15  is Amazon’s Alexa smart display that works as a command center or a digital noticeboard for the family. It has a 15.6-inch Full HD smart display, a sliding camera cover, and a subtle photo-frame style. Users can watch movies and TV shows, as well as video chat with friends and family on their devices.

Social media reports of Amazon Echo Show 15 stuck on a black screen

Users of Amazon Echo Show 15 are experiencing an issue with the screen not working and showing a black or empty screen. Only the mute option is working for users with a red light when pressed.

After consistently running, the Echo Show 15 remains stuck on a loading screen. And sometimes, the screen does not update at all. A lot of people raised their issues on the Amazon community forum and asked others for potential fixes.

“My Echo Show 15″ is stuck on Updating for 8+ hours and says to not unplug. What can I do to get it working?” one user posted.

“My echo show 15 just went off yesterday and tried what is suggested on the internet turning it off for 3 minutes and holding the mute and volume down button but this did not work. We have left it off since yesterday but still not turning on this morning,” another user posted.

Apparently, the issue is occurring for brand new and old devices, according to users’ complaints.

Amazon’s acknowledgement

Fortunately, the Amazon support team has acknowledged the issue of the Echo Show 15 getting stuck on a blank screen. A staff member said they are working to resolve the problem.

However, there is currently no workaround that can fix this issue. Therefore, users will have to wait until Amazon provides an ETA or comes up with a solution.

Frustrated users on the forum lash out on support team members to fix the problem as soon as possible. “I’m using your company’s products in conjunction with many other things so it’s very uncomfortable,” a user posted.


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