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AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working or loading for many users 

Many AT&T subscribers have reported an issue with the Wi-Fi calling feature not working or being stuck on loading.

Social media reports of AT&T Wi-Fi calling not working or stuck on loading

AT&T is a famous mobile service provider in the U.S. Users of the service are unable to use Wi-Fi calling and their calls are getting stuck or not working. The issue arose on Wednesday and frustrated customers took to social media.

“I use WiFi calling basically every day, and all of a sudden it has stopped working today (Sept 7th, 2022). I tried connecting it to the WIFI network I use every day, as well as three other networks, and it only says ‘loading, this may take a few moments then times out,” a user posted.

“I’ve reset my phone, my router, and my network preferences, and cleared the cache/data for the Wi-Fi calling app and nothing has worked,” another user shared. 

Most of the reports are by Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel users. However, this does not mean the issue is not occurring on other phones. 

“I am using an AT&T locked Pixel 6 Pro and I had my WIFI calling enabled and working. Recently got update to move to Android 13 and immediately noticed a drop in call quality. Checked and wi-fi calling was off. I am trying to turn it on but it just errors out with ‘Unable to activate wi-fi calling. Please try again later’,” a user posted.

Users say issue acknowledged and resolved for some 

While there is no official statement from AT&T, a Redditor said the support team has reached out to them. Another Redditor shared that the company is aware of the issue and the support agent blamed Samsung for the issue.

Additionally, some users said that an update to resolve the issue could arrive ‘in a day or so’.

According to some affected users, the issue of AT&T Wi-Fi calling failure has been resolved.  “Just tried it again on my Galaxy S20 and it turned on immediately. Didn’t change any other settings, just flipped the Wi-Fi Calling toggle and it worked.  So I guess the problem is solved.” a user posted on the official community forum.


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