Amazon Web Services outage: Twitch and PSN down

Amazon Web Services is having an outage, which means several hugely popular services have been taken down with it. Twitch was down but is back up, and the PlayStation Network (PSN) is down. If you’ve been having problem with any of these services or others supported by Amazon Web Services, the outage could be the reason.

Second outage this month

The outage is the second for Amazon Web Services this month, as the first one happened about a week ago, lasting about six hours due to problems at Amazon’s server farm in Virginia. In addition to Twitch and PSN being down, several other popular websites and services are down as well.

In fact, any company that relies on Amazon Web Services could go down in the event of problems with the network. Many of the same sites and services that went down last week are down again, including Ring doorbells, Disney+. DoorDash, Xbox Live, Duo, League of Legends, Slack, Valorant and PSN.

Some services back up, but issues persist

The good news is that it looks like today’s outage won’t last as long as last week’s did. Amazon posted on its Service Health Dashboard that it was investigating connectivity issues in its US-WEST-1 and US-WEST-2 regions. Less than 30 minutes later, the internet giant posted that it had identified the root cause of those issues, and about 15 minutes after that, it said it had resolved the issues.

Based on that report, many services are back up and running. However, comments on sites like Down Detector indicate that even though the services are back up, they are still having some issues with them, including PSN. Twitch users also said on Down Detector that things were slowly getting back to normal.

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