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Only 16% Americans think Russia’s COVID-19 vaccine is genuine [SURVEY]

Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine Sputnik V Public Release

Although Russia’s announcement regarding the Covid-19 vaccine was embraced with enthusiasm around the world, Americans have expressed skepticism and doubt. Piplsay has compiled a report recording the responses of local Americans with regards to Russia’s Covid-19 vaccine development. America has been among the list of countries that have experienced Covid-19 cases on a massive scale.

The report presented by Pipslay further sheds light on the views held by drug manufacturing companies, government agencies and the local people. Nearly nine months after the world was hit by a pandemic potential virus, Russia has become the first state to officially announce a vaccine. The vaccine is named “Sputnik V”, the development of this vaccine makes Russia the global winner in the race to produce a vaccine.

Even as the Russian government rushes to meet the demand for the vaccine, people around the world have been doubtful about the success of this vaccine in battling the virus. Presently, the death toll counted in the United States has crossed 200000. American’s are among the top nations who have experienced terrible losses at the hands of Covid-19.

The sample size of Pipslay’s poll is 30,413 people. This is a huge sample size and covers people from different social classes and communities. Therefore, it can be concluded that this sample is reflective of the consensus of the entire American population. The results revealed were shocking in nature, it is clear that people do not yet accept that a “superfast”  vaccine by Russia can completely safeguard them against the lethal virus.

When asked whether they were aware of Russia officially announcing the “Sputnik V”,  62% of the people replied in affirmative. While the other 38% had no idea that a Covid-19 vaccine had been announced. When the poll stated that there were increasing doubts regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine, people gave the following replies. About 56% of Americans replied that the announcement of vaccine was just a byproduct of the global race to produce a vaccine as soon as possible. 28% of the Americans said they were not sure regarding the effectiveness of the vaccine. Only 16% of the Americans gave a positive response, they genuinely believed that Russians had produced a vaccine.

The poll further stated that since Covid-19 had resulted in huge loss around America, does the news of a vaccine being made bring people comfort. 67% of the Americans said they did not find this announcement comforting. Out of these people, 37% thought that this news could only bring them comfort once it is proven that this vaccine is effective. 30% of these people remarked that they do not trust the Russian government at all. 17% of the total Americans in the poll replied that they were not sure. While only 16% of the Americans said that this news indeed brought them comfort.

When asked how interested the Americans would be in obtaining a vaccine if it was made available, their answers varied. 51% of the Americans expressed enthusiasm and said they would be very interested. 22% expressed uncertainty, they said they were not sure. 14% of the Americans said that they were not interested at all, while 13% of them made it clear that they were not very interested.

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