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Apple game controller is in the works

Apple game controller

Could Apple be developing its game controller? That’s the question that many people have been asking, following a leak that was released yesterday. Surely, there have been a lot of rumors in the past as regards Apple is shifting a little focus to games, but most were only wishful thinking. However, with @L0vetodream, a popular tipster tweeting about it last month, coupled with a new leak getting released, we must be on the right path.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some possibilities to check whether or not Apple is developing its game controller. But before then, let’s have a look at the effect of Coronavirus on Apple.

Coronavirus Not Slowing Apple Down

Since the global spread of the coronavirus pandemic in February, many have predicted that it’ll be hard to see a new product launch. Well, that may not be the case for Apple, as it seems like the company is not close to being stopped from releasing its new products. In March alone, Apple was able to release its iPad Pro 2020, a new Magic Keyboard, and a new MacBook Air. It also made a major update to its iOS software. Besides that, Apple also made another release last week with the announcement of its classic iPhone SE 2020. With that, it’s sure that the company still has a few more devices to release this year.

Is Apple Developing Its Game Controller?

Presently, there’s a leak by @L0vetodream that there are many more devices, including a game controller that Apple is planning to release this year. This anonymous twitter page, though joining in February, is always accurate with most of its predictions. One of its tweets in March mentioned that Apple is already working on its game controller. Here’s what it says about the game device.

“Apple is developing its own game controller”

While we can easily write this tweet off, it’ll be interesting if we don’t. That’s because the user has made a lot of accurate predictions in the past. Apart from talking about Apple developing its game controller, the account also mentioned some other interesting things. In another tweet, about a month ago, the anonymous user also talked about some that Apple is planning on releasing this year. And of which we now have four out of the devices being released already. It also went as far as tweeting on March 10 about the new iPad Air not coming with a Face ID, rather a Touch ID under the screen. The tweet goes this way:

“The new iPad Air will be using the mini led screen, comes with a full screen with no notch, not Face ID but Touch ID under the screen”

One thing that doesn’t seem right about its tweets is predicting that Apple will release iPhone 9, instead of iPhone SE. Perhaps, all we need to do is avoid some or all of its branding decisions.

Apple’s Support For Games

Apple already extended support to Xbox controllers and PlayStation with its iOS 13 to complement the different game controller accessories. It’s also looking forward to pushing hard with the Apple Arcade moving forward. With some attention to gaming, can we say that @L0vetodream prediction about Apple developing its game controller is a step to being true?

With the way @L0vetodream Twitter account is going with its predictions, we should look out for more of it.

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