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Apple Music is down, users cannot connect to iTunes

Apple Music iTunes Down

Apple Music and iTunes services are down for many users around the globe. Users have taken to social media to complain about the issues they are facing with the services.

According to reports, many users are unable to connect to iTunes and at the same time, there are complaints of Apple Music being down.

Many users say, iTunes is down and not working at all for them. While others report, they are unable to login or connect to Apple Music from their Apple devices.

According to popular service DownDetector, 44% of users report that they are having problems logging in to iTunes. On the other hand, users also posted issues related to Apple Music in the comments section of the DownDetector platform.

There is no official news from Apple on the outage of the services.

Here’s how users react to the issues of Apple Music and iTunes:

Bryan K says, “@AppleMusic seems to be down completely… who’s the a**h*** (edited) for continuing to hoard their lifelong collection of mp3 files now!?”

Timothy Duong complains, “So Apple Music is down and here I am with no music (I do have Spotify but hesitantly opening it up) but it got me thinking, imagine a world where a vital-for-living service was streamed. That’d be horrifying if there was a network outage…”

Party Mix Culture tweets, “@AppleMusic are your services down? I can’t seem to log in at all. Never had this happen before.”

UPDATE 10 am EST: The issue has been resolved and users are now able to connect back to Music service.

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