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Apple Podcast listeners want a Wrapped feature of their own

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FOMO is real. Many Apple Podcast listeners want a similar feature to Spotify Wrapped, which a lot of people wait for the whole year.

Those who don’t listen to music a lot, and prefer podcasts, suggest Apple Podcasts should introduce a Wrapped feature. Users of Soundcloud, Amazon Music, and Tidal also expressed their desire for a ‘Year in Review’ type of stats.

Many express their wish for the rollout of Apple Podcasts Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped has become a yearly event for music lovers. The sense of nostalgia is something that users of other music apps want to experience.

Everyone has their own preference when it comes to music streaming. Some use Soundcloud or Youtube, and even Amazon Music. And then there are those people who only listen to podcasts on their commute or for entertainment.

Many Apple Podcasts listeners have posted on their social media that the world would be a better place if they got a yearly stats kind of thing for their preferred platform.

“Okay can Apple Podcasts do a wrapped or something??? I really feel like i want to know how many minutes I listened to podcasts this year,” posted one person.

There were some who said that they use Spotify for just gym music, so their Wrapped feature wasn’t so exciting. Those who listened to podcasts on Spotify said the platform didn’t feature them.

“I weirdly didn’t listen to a ton of music this year (and my podcasts are on Apple Podcasts) so my Spotify wrapped is literally just CRJ and Kate Bush on repeat because I am a parody of myself,” posted another user.

No response from Apple

There has been no response from Apple regarding the Wrapped feature. It looks like users will have to wait for the company to introduce something similar because there is clearly a lot of demand for it.


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