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Biden on Ukraine: ‘We can’t walk away now’

Zelensky thanks US for aid package
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US President Joe Biden on Friday renewed his call on Republican lawmakers in Congress to unblock additional funding for Ukraine’s war against the Russian invasion as Kyiv runs low on ammunition.

Speaking at the White House on the eve of the second anniversary of the start of the war, Biden said: “We can’t walk away now.”

A $60 billion military aid package for Ukraine is held up in the US Congress with the Republican speaker of the House of Representatives declining to put it to a vote amid Donald Trump’s opposition to the aid.

Meanwhile, Moscow has been bolstered by gains against ammunition-starved Ukrainian troops.

“That’s what Putin is betting on, he is betting on we’re gonna walk away,” Biden said.

“History is watching, the clock is ticking, brave Ukrainian soldiers and civilians are dying,” Biden said, as he urged for the bill to be urgently passed. “Russia is taking Ukrainian territory for the first time in many months.”

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