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CarPlay not working for some on iPhone 13 running iOS 15

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The long list of issues faced by the iOS 15 and iPhone 13 gets a new addition as users report a widespread bug leading to the iOS 15 CarPlay on their iPhone 13 not working correctly. According to the reports, the CarPlay just seems to crash whenever a user attempts to put on some music, regardless of the source being Apple Music or a third-party service like Spotify.

iOS 15 Upgrade in the iPhone 13 leads to the CarPlay Not Working

Within a few hours, a few dozen posts were made to Apple Support, the MacRumors Forums, and Twitter, where users complained that CarPlay on their new iPhone 13 does not seem to work correctly. According to the complaints filed by users, when they attempt to play music from the CarPlay app, the system crashes. However, the app seems to be working fine on older versions of the iPhone.

One MacRumors reader says:

“Updated my iPhone 11 to iOS 15, drove to store with no issues with CarPlay. While there, I activated my new iPhone 13 mini (and disabled the 11), and now CarPlay does not work. Trying to play any music causes it to crash and not come back. Unpaired and re-paired the phone powered phone off and on a bunch of times, reset the stereo/display, tried a new cable, nothing works. Now I drive in silence, and it’s miserable.” – Source

Some users have also claimed that the issue appears in both wired and wireless cases. When speakers via Bluetooth are connected, the app needs to stay on the screen or stop working as you switch between the applications.

A user on the Apple Support forums explains:

“I had an iPhone 12 with iOS 15; everything was working fine and dandy. I upgraded to iPhone 13 and now music does not play using CarPlay when I am using either Spotify or Apple Music. I have a 2018 Audi and I use lighting to connect to CarPlay. When I click on a song either using Spotify or Apple Music, my CarPlay app shuts down. CarPlay works and does not shut down when I use Google maps or Apple podcasts. But as soon as I click on a song Apple CarPlay just shuts down.” – Source

The issues have gotten so frustrating for people they have voiced their concern on Twitter as well. They have demanded Apple support to provide them with a fix; however, they only get directed to articles that don’t do much for the issues at hand.

Is There A Fix?

Amidst all the running around, a few users have found that disabling the “Late Night” toggle in the equalizer within ‌Apple Music‌ settings fixes the problem. In contrast, others have found that resetting network settings on the iPhone also helps.

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