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Users face ‘Music not playing or working’ issue on Instagram story

Music not playing or working on Instagram story
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Internet forums are flooded with multiple reports from users that music is not playing or working on their Instagram story. The photo-sharing app doesn’t allow to add music to a picture or video in the Instagram story.

Music Sticker

Instagram Music Sticker was launched back in June last year, which allows users to add their favorite soundtrack to a particular Insta Story. This way it offers a totally different vibe to the audience.

With this feature, you can also select a song before making a video. You just have to open the camera app on your phone and tap the music option under the record button. Then simply search for a song and select any part to record a video with and play in the background.

However, as much as this new feature excited millions of Instagram users, it wasn’t readily accessible to all users globally. Instagram had announced that it would bring the music sticker feature to Android soon as it was only available on iOS.

Music not playing or working on Instagram story

Several users have been making complaints on social media platforms about the unavailability of Music sticker in their region. Even some posts suggest that users previously accessed the music sticker feature but then it disappeared.

“Is anyone else having problems with adding music to their Instagram stories? I can add a song but I won’t hear anything.” User

“Music broken on our @instagram story! Anyone else having troubs?” User

Spotify users also complained about the missing music sticker on Instagram story. And a community moderator from Spotify confirmed they were working with Instagram to make this option available for everyone soon.

“I saw another individual contact you after losing their Music sticker in #Instagram and I am now having the same problem. Even doing Share > Instagram Stories isn’t working and has no sound.” Affected User

Until Instagram officially releases a statement on this issue and brings a stable solution, here is a fix that users can try.


Since mostly the Instagram Business accounts are having trouble accessing this feature, they can try re-installing and updating the Instagram app to the latest version.

Users can also try to switch accounts from Business to Personal or a Creator’s account. Most creator’s account are able to play music on Instagram stories.


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