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Coronavirus vaccine by China shows positive results in human trials

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According to claims by a Beijing-based unit of China National Biotec Group (CNBG), its coronavirus vaccine candidate has shown positive results in the early human trials. Yesterday, the company mentioned that the results of the clinical trials suggested that the vaccine will likely be effective to combat the deadly virus. Now, the company is working on having another phase of the clinical human trial in the UAE.

Coronavirus vaccine made in China shows promising results

According to the Beijing-based company, which is affiliated to the state-owned China National Pharmaceutical Group (Sinopharm), the coronavirus vaccine was tested on 1,120 humans in phase-1 and Phase-2 of the clinical trials. Also, the report by Global Times further confirmed that the clinical trials started in Shangqui county, in Henan Province of China, on April 27. And so far, all of the volunteers have been able to produce high-level antibodies against the virus, after only taking a couple of doses of the vaccine.

Furthermore, the report also confirmed that another institute under CNBG in Wuhan carried out similar human trials on April 12. And the results, which the Wuhan-based China company announced a couple of weeks back, showed the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccine candidate. The company also ran the test on 1,120 volunteers, who later developed high-titer antibodies against the deadly virus.

Any plans for Phase-3 clinical human trials?

So far, we already know that the Wuhan-based and the Beijing-based institutes under CNBG have successfully performed the Phase-1 and Phase-2 clinical trials for their vaccine candidates.

On June 23, CNBG was able to announce that it’s partnering with the authorities in the United Arab Emirates. The aim of that is to carry out a Phase-3 clinical trial on the vaccine. However, it’s still unclear which of its vaccine candidates will be tested in UAE.

According to the World Health Organization WHO, more than 16 coronavirus vaccine candidates are already in their clinical stages.

The only time a vaccine candidate can be cleared for widespread use is when it comes out effective on thousands of coronavirus patients, in the Phase-3 clinical trial.

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