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China vs India: Chinese fighters / jets fly near Ladakh

China vs India: Chinese Fighters Ladakh

Amid the intensifying China vs India border standoff, Chinese fighters flew along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Eastern Ladakh. Both China and India have significantly ramped up military build along the border. India is keeping a close eye on the movement of Chinese fighters. China has two air force bases at Hotan and Gargunsa, about 100-150 kilometers from the Ladakh border.

Chinese fighters flew just 30 kilometers from Ladakh border

According to India Today, 10-12 Chinese J-7 and J-11 fighter jets are at the PLA air force bases in Gargunsa and Hotan. The Chinese fighters were flying about 30 kilometers from Eastern Ladakh. Though the distance from the border was not threatening, they could reach the border within minutes, sources told India Today.

The military buildup on both sides of the border indicates that it will be the biggest China vs India confrontation since the Doklam face-off in 2017. Sources within Indian intelligence agencies told media that they have plugged all gaps in the country’s surveillance capabilities. It allows them to keep a close tab on the movement of Chinese troops. The Surveillance and Target Acquisition batteries of Indian defense forces and intelligence agencies are monitoring both sides of the border.

Back in May, India had rushed its heavyweight Sukhoi-30 MKI fighter jet to Eastern Ladakh sector after the Chinese and Indian military helicopters came close to each other in the air. The situation took an ugly turn on May 5 after a violent face-off between Chinese and India soldiers. The two sides have since agreed to “disengage” but the stand-off continues.

China vs India: Beijing warns India not to support the US

Amid the border stand-off, India is sending hundreds of trucks carrying ammunition, soldiers, and supplies from Kashmir to Ladakh. It has also transferred reinforcements from Kashmir to Ladakh. A military source told News18 that only the “uncommitted reserves” have been moved to Ladakh. The movement hasn’t affected the ground operations in Kashmir.

In May, the US President Donald Trump had offered to mediate to resolve the dispute between China and India. But both countries have refused the US intervention. Indian defense minister Rajnath Singh told media that the countries were talking through diplomatic and military channels to ease tensions.

The Community Party mouthpiece Global Times has warned India that it should stay away from the Cold War between China and the US. Global Times said that if India leans towards the US in the US-China Cold War, the India-China economic ties “will suffer a devastating blow.”

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