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Diablo 4 ‘Reset Dungeon’ button not working for players

Diablo 4 'Reset Dungeon' button not working or bugged for players

In the last few days, lots of players of Diablo IV have been going online to express their concerns about a problem with the ‘Reset Dungeon’ button not working. They’re saying it’s not functioning correctly or that there’s a bug causing issues with it.

Reports of Diablo 4 ‘Reset Dungeon’ button not working

Resetting a dungeon in Diablo 4 is a useful way to face enemies repeatedly, especially if you want to quickly gain more XP and reach the max level. In Season 1, some dungeons become Malignant Tunnels, important for obtaining Malignant Hearts, which is crucial for the Diablo 4 Season Journey.

When players try to use the ‘Reset Dungeon’ button, they see an error message saying, “One or more party members are in a dungeon. All party members must be outside the dungeon before you can reset all dungeons.” This message has been confusing for players, and they can’t reset their dungeons as they want to.

This problem is causing a lot of issues for players. They can’t make progress as they should, and it’s messing up their routines for gathering resources and rewards. Without the ability to reset dungeons, they can’t efficiently earn experience points, gold, and special legendary gear they’re looking for.

Moreover, this glitch takes away from the immersive experience that Diablo IV aims to offer. As a result, players are feeling frustrated and disheartened because they can’t fully enjoy the game as it was intended.

Here’s how to reset dungeons

In Diablo 4, you can reset normal and nightmare dungeons, but not campaign dungeons. To reset a dungeon, you must first complete it. Then, access your world map by pressing ‘M’ on PC or the Touch button on PS5, and click on the ‘Reset Dungeons’ button.

A warning message will appear, asking if you want to reset all dungeons except campaign dungeons. If you choose to proceed, you can re-enter the dungeon and face the monsters again.

There’s no limit to how many times you can reset normal and nightmare dungeons, so you can use this method to farm XP, loot, and gold. It’s a good idea to focus on a specific dungeon for a while before moving on to a new one.

For some players, leaving the game and returning seems to resolve the issue.


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