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Discord ‘Events tab’ not showing up for users

Discord 'Events tab' not showing up for users
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According to multiple reports, the Discord Events tab is currently missing or not showing up for some users. Most desktop and web Discord users are facing this issue.

Reports of Discord ‘Events tab’ not showing up or missing for desktop users

Discord recently implemented modifications to its username system, which included mandatory lowercase letters and restrictions on specific words. Unfortunately, these changes have resulted in a series of issues and an overall negative user experience.

Discord users frequently raise various issues concerning the platform. Recently, a group of users expressed dissatisfaction with receiving an excessive number of friend requests. Now, another issue has emerged, this time concerning the Events tab.

The Events tab in Discord allows users to schedule upcoming events within their servers. This feature enables the community to stay informed about these events and receive notifications when they are about to take place.

There have been several reports suggesting some multiple Discord users are currently experiencing the absence or non-appearance of the Events tab. Here are a few references to support these reports.

A user wrote: “@discord_support my desktop app won’t show the events tab and the invite button link while those are showing on my mobile app. I’ve gone through every option and uninstalled/reinstalled but they’re still missing. I have permissions and there’s nothing online about this.”

“@discord_support The event function does not seem to be displaying correctly. I use the web version and the Windows version, so I have checked both and they are not showing up,” wrote another user.

Issue not acknowledged + no workarounds

Regrettably, the support team has not yet acknowledged this widespread problem, and it is hoped that they will address it promptly, as numerous users are currently unable to access upcoming events.

Additionally, no temporary solutions or workarounds have been discovered thus far to resolve this issue. Therefore, users will need to wait for the developers to provide a definitive fix.


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