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DoJ rules Jeffrey Epstein’s death a suicide with no outside involvement

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A Department of Justice (DoJ) report released today has confirmed that Jeffrey Epstein‘s death in 2019 was determined to be a suicide and not the result of any external involvement, putting an end to years of widespread conspiracy theories surrounding the circumstances of his demise, Daily Mail reported.

Department of Justice confirms Epstein’s suicide, faults his staff for conspiracy theories surrounding the notorious pedophile’s hanging death

Epstein, a notorious and well-connected individual accused of engaging in sexual exploitation of minors, took his own life while being held at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan in August 2019, where he was awaiting trial on charges related to sex trafficking.

The report revealed that Epstein used excess prison linens to hang himself in his cell, despite not having been authorized to possess such items.

His charges at the time involved allegations of recruiting underage girls for his own sexual gratification and involving them in an international network, where he provided financial compensation and, in some instances, held them against their will.

Conspiracy theories surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide have been fueled, in part, by speculations from his legal team. The DoJ has conducted an investigation into Epstein’s death, aiming to determine if anyone other than Epstein himself was responsible.

In a newly released 128-page report by the Inspector General, it is revealed that the circumstances leading to Epstein’s suicide were influenced by staff shortages and insufficient surveillance camera coverage. However, the report explicitly states that there is “no evidence” to support the notion that anyone else played a direct role in his demise.

Epstein’s death was the result of his own actions, report says

The findings of the report shed light on the contributing factors but ultimately conclude that Epstein’s death was the result of his own actions, dismissing claims of external involvement.

“While we determined MCC New York staff engaged in significant misconduct, we did not uncover evidence contradicting the FBI’s determination there was no criminality in connection with how Epstein died,” Inspector General Michael Horowitz said in a video statement accompanying the report.

One of the failures by prison staff mentioned in the report was their failure to assign Jeffrey Epstein a cellmate following his unsuccessful suicide attempt on July 23. During that incident, Epstein was discovered unresponsive with a cloth wrapped around his neck.

Efrain Reyes eventually became Epstein’s final cellmate. However, on August 9, Reyes was transferred to the GEO prison in Queens. The report does not provide an explanation for this transfer. Tragically, Reyes passed away in December 2020, with his lawyers attributing his death to COVID-19.

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