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Is Dubai Halloween skeleton drone real or fake?

Dubai Halloween skeleton drone real or fake
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A video on social media showing a drone skeleton floating over the Burj Khalifa in Dubai on Halloween has sparked curiosity, with some questioning whether it is real or fake. Elon Musk expressed his amazement with a “wow” reaction, but the debate continues.

Social media questions if the Dubai skeleton drone for Halloween is real or fake

Dubai is famous for its innovative technology and groundbreaking progress. It has been at the forefront of the drone light show trend, not just for its impressive visuals but also for its commitment to being eco-friendly. This has put Dubai in the global spotlight.

On Halloween, the light show displayed a gigantic skeleton that was almost as tall as a skyscraper, floating above the crowd. Lots of folks have compared it to the closest thing in real life to King Kong climbing a skyscraper.

The video first appeared on TikTok, courtesy of Geoscan Drone Show, the company behind those amazing light displays at the Dubai World Cup and Saudi Arabia’s Formula 1. Since then, it has garnered more than 4 million views and 160,000 thumbs up.

As the video keeps spreading on social media, some people have noticed things that make them wonder if the video is real. They think it might be a clever artist’s creation. Others think there is a possibility that it is computer generated imagery.

If you look closely at the video, you’ll notice that the skeleton’s feet seem surprisingly near to the people walking by. Harper’s Bazaar Arabia has shared that some sources are raising doubts about whether this video actually shows a genuine project.

Previous spectacular projections in Dubai

Back in July, there was another video making the rounds, featuring a huge Barbie doll in her famous zebra swimsuit. This fun video was made by the Creative Content and Social Media Agency Eye Studio in the UAE and KSA, and it looked like the giant doll was all set to conquer Downtown Dubai.

There’s no shortage of wonders in Dubai, and the Sphere seems to be the rival of the Halloween light show. As U2 continues their residency, the Sphere has been the talk of the pop culture town.’ This new high-tech venue projects 16k resolution images across its screen, offering an unmatched immersive experience, and there was no better band to inaugurate this cutting-edge space.

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