Everything you need to know about Shopify Payments

This platform is becoming stronger and more in demand and is becoming a true leader in e-commerce, thanks to all the benefits it offers.

This fantastic technology continues to improve every day so that we can increase the number of online stores implemented with its help.  Today we will see what exactly this revolutionary system consists of, which is causing a real sensation for all its advantages.

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What is Shopify Payments?

It is an ecommerce payment gateway included with Shopify subscriptions, so it allows you to quickly activate online payments with any platform (credit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay …) in an online store hosted on a Shopify CMS.

With Shopify Payments, you can simplify the process of installing a payment gateway on your online store without the need for complex knowledge or technical equipment, and with the ability to integrate multiple external services without having to configure them one by one. This is only available for Shopify accounts.

In addition, it is more than a payment gateway and includes tracking and analysis functions for the merchant so that you can monitor the flow of orders placed and payments received.

This is a true payment method that allows us to ditch old payment gateways and eliminate middlemen like PayPal.

It is a fantastic platform that allows us to accept online payments without intermediaries for greater benefits and ease of use, with many advantages that will surely outweigh the disadvantages we can find.

Shopify Payments Benefits

-Comfort. Its implementation meant simplifying the payment process to make it much more convenient and without interruption to the purchase.

-Universality. This allows us to accept Apple Play, Google Play and Shopify, thus offering your customers more convenient payment methods to increase their conversions.

-Automatic sync. This allows us to synchronize data and combine it on a single platform so that we know the customers who bought and paid in order to manage everything in an integrated way.

-Saving on commissions. Earning higher profits is the first of the benefits it offers thanks to the very competitive prices that are available in any of the plans.

-Fast payments. This allows us to easily track payments to be made within 3 business days of the sale.

Disadvantages of Shopify Payments

There are also disadvantages.

-In case of a refund, we will be charged a commission.

-In the event of an error, we will block payments until the verification of whether illegal activity has taken place is resolved.

-Not available in some countries.

As you can see, the large number of advantages far outweigh the disadvantages that we may encounter when using this powerful payment service.

Shopify Payments: How To Set Up?

If you have not yet decided to create an online store with Shopify, you just need to choose good developers, such as shopify website design services, and get a really high-quality product, or rather a store that will bring good profit and set up such a system at the same time.

And if you already have one, you just need to configure it.

Now you know everything about Shopify Payments and you can easily simplify your life with such a convenient service.


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