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Facebook Tests New Page Design Without Like Button

According to the latest development, Facebook has started testing a new page design, which will add new improvements to the existing one. Apart from that, the new page will also be without the like button. Instead, it’ll now come with a cleaner and more readable layout, which will allow owners to operate it easily.

Facebook Testing Pages With No Like Button

A report from TechCrunch confirmed that Facebook is already testing its new page design, which will come without the like button, on a small percentage of public figures using the mobile app. Talking of public figures, they include actors, authors, creators, and media entities.

Furthermore, the report confirmed that Facebook has now started expanding the test to a broader group of pages, including English-language business Pages. In addition, the tests also provide an option for pages to try the new design on the mobile app.

In the past, many organizations have pointed out that the like button is sometimes an issue. So, with Facebook’s new page design, business pages will be able to experience little or no complexity. Also, this will also offer users and visitors the ease to use such pages, henceforth.

Apart from that, Facebook’s new page design, which is now coming without the like button, will enable page visitors to see relevant information, including bio and posts. Instead of the like button, the page will be able to display follower count and a follow button.

Initially, having both options has caused lots of complications in the past. When users like a page, they automatically follow the page. And by altering their settings, users can easily back out of it. This process has so far been unhelpful to page owners, whose focus is to engage interested followers.

So, with the follower count, a page owner will now be able to know the exact number of interested people that are receiving the updates in their news feed.

old vs new design
Source: Facebook

How Users Will Manage Specific Tasks

Talking about the aspect of page management, owners will now be able to clearly manage and assign access permissions, based on a few simple tasks.

Firstly, page owners will go to the “Edit Access” option on their screen. From there, they’ll be able to toggle on or off, the specific management tasks. These tasks include who can create ads, send direct messages, respond to messages, create page content, and many more.

Facebook New Page Design
Source: Facebook

For now, it’s still unclear when the update will roll out globally to all page owners.

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