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FIFA 23 World Cup swaps show ‘EA servers are unable to process your request’ error

The EA servers are unable to process your request error

Reportedly, the FIFA 23 World Cup swaps are showing ‘The EA servers are unable to process your request error’ error to players.

With the debatable FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 quickly approaching, FIFA 23 players were offered extra content to celebrate the event.

Since November 11, the World Cup swaps event has been underway, and legends of the league such as Patrick Vieira and Cafu can be won as rewards after acquiring the necessary tokens. However, there appears to be a problem with it.

Reports of ‘The EA servers are unable to process your request’ error

FIFA 23 players have reported an issue after participating in a World Cup swaps friendly in FUT.

When EA adopted the golden goal rule (whoever scores early wins) for friendlies to collect World Cup swaps tokens, FIFA 23 players were thrilled. This had been done to minimize the amount of time it would take to obtain six wins, which could be a lengthy process.

However, after participating in swaps friendlies, gamers are now being banned out of FUT in FIFA 23 and receiving the error ‘The EA servers are unable to accept your request.’

It happens whether a game is won or lost, and it’s frustrating for the match’s winners because it’s considered a loss. Some players appear to be soft-banned because the game reads the golden goal policy as a forced exit from a contest.

“After 56 games and 20 losses I started to get the error (The EA servers are unable to process your request) when the game ends which as far as I am away is a soft ban for too many DNF, but I haven’t quit a game I would say it’s just from the game ending after someone scores,” a player reported.

“I was playing FIFA 23 with a great Internet connection. I won 3 matches(2 play offs and 1 rivels ) – in the 3 games when I pressed “X” to skip the ref’s whistle the game told me that the ea servers are unable to process,” another player posted.

Official acknowledgment

Thankfully, EA support was quick to note the World Cup swaps issue and stated that they are looking into it. They did not, however, provide a timeline for the fix.

There are currently no workarounds to resolve the issue.


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