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Twitter users ask to fix ‘You may only view analytics about your own tweet’ error

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Multiple Twitter users have asked for a fix for ‘You may only view analytics about your own tweet’ error. They report that analytics is not working and shows them an error when trying to access it.

Twitter analytics is a helpful tool for brands and community managers. It shows the number of views for each tweet as well as other useful metrics. The feature is not just for professionals but anyone can use it to get more insights into their Twitter activity.

Reports of users asking for a fix for the ‘You may only view analytics about your own tweet’ error

The Analytics feature has not been working for many Twitter users for over a month.

“Twitter, in typical censoring fashion has made it impossible to view the analytics on tweets you post on other pages. You can now only view the data on tweets you send from your own page. Can’t wait to see how much censoring they do as we get closer to the elections in November,” tweeted one user.

“A request for help from a relative newb. I can’t view my analytics anymore. I get “you can only view analytics for your own tweets”, when trying to view my own tweets. Is Twitter messed up or messing with me? This just started a few days ago,” posted another user.

Twitter’s response and issue fixed

Twitter support acknowledged the issue on September 1 where Twitter analytics was not working properly. After a few days, they suggested affected users to access the analytics through the web browser as a potential workaround.

Twitter app on iOS received a new update with v9.27 on 9 September. Affected users were advised to install the new update. Many reported the issue with Twitter analytics has been resolved on iOS for those running iOS 16.1 developer beta 2 along with the recent Twitter app v9.29.1.

Twitter support has confirmed that the analytics is back on iOS with the latest app update (v9.29.2). They also recommended to restart the device after updating.

“Tweet Analytics on iOS are back! Update your app to version 9.29.2 when it’s available for you in the App Store to view analytics about your own Tweets,” a user confirmed.


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