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Galaxy S20 Ultra Update Adds 60fps Support For Fortnite Games

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All thanks to Fortnite and some other games, the battleground multiplayer games are now gaining a lot of recognition. No doubt, epic graphic games are highly engaging and one can enjoy them both on consoles and PCs. However, with the advancement of mobile phone technology, a lot of people are now enjoying Fortnite games on the go. The good news to Samsung lovers is that Galaxy S20 Ultra now supports 60fps gaming for Fortnite. Isn’t that interesting?

In this article, we’ll be looking at the latest news about how Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is adding support to 60fps gaming for Fortnite and some other features.

EpicGames, Alternative To Google Play Store For Fortnite Games’ APK

No doubt, you can get to download most Android games apps from the Google Play store. However, the case is different for Fortnite games. That’s because the app’s main download source is not Android’s Google Play store, but Epic games.

Of course, that’s not the case for iPhone users, since Apple iOS doesn’t support download from third-party apps. That means, you can always go to the Apple store to download your Fortnite games.

However, there’s a problem with downloading from epic games. It has a resulting negative effect on the features of Fortnite games. That’s because the downloading source skips some tests from Google that’s supposed to help optimize the games for better features.

Fortnite Games Issues On Samsung Galaxy S20

Since Epic Games has failed to get approval from Google, a lot of features are missing from the Fortnite games. One of the issues with the Galaxy S20 series is the lack of high fps feature.

Recall that Samsung released the Galaxy S20 series not long ago, with a lot of amazing features. However, the 60fps gameplay of Fortnite games was missing out. Because of that, a lot of users on Reddit have complained about their inability to play the game on their Galaxy S20 devices.

According to a Reddit user, u/heartsteph:

“I’m thinking of upgrading my phone to the Samsung S20 but my friend said she can’t play Fortnite on her Samsung S20 Ultra. I was wondering if I would be able to play on the S20? I’m only asking since the phone just came out and Fortnite hasn’t updated their devices list. Thanks.”

While that might look like an issue, it’s only affecting the new Samsung Galaxy S20 series at the moment. Even older Samsung Galaxy devices, lacking the 60fps, now have supports for Fortnite games after a little fix.

Galaxy S20 Supports Fortnite at 60fps

According to a post on Reddit, Samsung has rolled out an update to the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which allows it to extend supports for Fortnite games at 60fps and other features. Let’s have a look at it below:

The Reddit user posted that:

“The Samsung s20 ultra has recently got an update allowing it to support 60FPS on Epic graphics and plays really well with no frame drops. what are your thoughts on this and do you think other devices should get this option as well.”

While that’s good news, a Reddit user has complained about the Galaxy S20 overheating while playing Fortnite (Epic Graphic) at 60fps. While it’s unclear whether or not the issue is general for all Galaxy s20 series, we’ll have to wait and see what other users are experiencing.

Are you a Samsung Galaxy S20 user? Kindly use the comment box to tell us how you feel while playing Fortnite at 60fps on your device.


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