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There is no fix to Galaxy S20 Ultra autofocus issue

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Are you having autofocus issues with your Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? If yes, then I’m sorry to break it to you that there’s one particular issue that might not be fixed using software updates, according to Samsung.

In this article, we’ll be looking at why Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra autofocus issue is proofing difficult to fix.

The Autofocus Issues

No doubt, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, on release, came with lots of impressive features, including 100x space zoom, 108MP camera, and many more. However, ever since then, it’s camera system has faced autofocus issues, forcing lots of users to complain about it. Although Samsung addressed some of the issues with software updates, some of them might be difficult to fix, says the company. That’s because the majority of the issues are from the camera sensor hardware, rendering firmware updates ineffective.

Fireware Update Cannot Fix Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra Autofocus Issues

The truth is users shouldn’t expect miracles to happen from software updates. Many customers in South Korea also came out to ask for a new update to fix their Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra autofocus issues. However, a camera moderator of Samsung explains why it’s impossible to fix the issues with the software. The moderator said, owing to the high pixel density in the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s sensor, its focal length can only capture objects between 10cm and more.

Here’s what he said (translated from English by Tizenhelp) while addressing the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra autofocus issues:

“First of all, we are sorry for the confusion about the use. The S20 Ultra model is equipped with a high-pixel image sensor. That increases the size of the sensor, resulting in a shallow depth of field and a longer focal length of 10cm or more compared to previous Samsung models. Therefore, when shooting a close object, the background may blur, or out of focus may occur. The focal length is determined by the lens specifications, making it difficult to correct with software. We apologize for not being able to fully explain the focal length in advance. Thank you.”

Although people can avoid taking pictures of closer objects, it can be difficult to do away with it. For instance, taking pictures of ID cards, important documents, and many more. These are activities we have to do at one point or the other in our lives. However, since updates have little effect on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra autofocus issues, we might have to manage the issue for a long.

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