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Georgia judge dismissed Sidney Powell ‘Kraken’ lawsuit

Judge Timothy batten dismissed Kraken Sidney Powell election lawsuit in Georgia

According to the latest reports, the Federal Court Judge named Timothy C. Batten has dismissed Sidney Powell’s lawsuit. The election lawsuit initiated by Sidney Powell in Georgia did not meet a fortunate end. The lawsuit challenged the validity of the presidential election and alleged voter fraud in connection with Dominion voting machines. The lawsuit pertained to voting mechanisms in Georgia. The lawsuit was called “Kraken” and sought to overturn the presidential election.

“The law is pretty clear that a party cannot obtain the extraordinary remedy of injunctive relief unless he acts quickly.”

Judge Timothy C. Batten dismisses Kraken

The judge has reiterated that the plaintiff should have brought the suit months later. The judge also challenged Sidney Powell’s suit on the grounds of jurisdiction. Reports claim that Judge Timothy C. Batten said,“even if he accepted the conspiracy theories as true, he must dismiss.”

This decision is likely to attract widespread criticism from Trump supporters who alleged voter fraud. Several Trump supporters are accusing the Federal judge of turning a blind eye to solid concrete proof. While other side maintains that the Federal court upheld law and Joe Biden is the undisputed president of the United States. The nation seems to be divided in their opinions since the results of the presidential election came out.

One user stated, “It was really painful. The judge kept trying to bring her back to the issues and she was rambling and doubling down on nonsense. She basically just didn’t answer what he was asking AND when he tried to educate her on the law, she obstinately refused to listen. Deserved slap-down.” The conspiracy theories presented by Sidney were not based on substantive proof but mere hearsay.

Sidney Powell election lawsuit in Georgia

“The relief that the plaintiffs seek, this court cannot grant.”

The dismissal comes hours after the suit miserably failed in Michigan. Judge Timothy C. Batten who happens to be a conservative judge originally appointed by George W. Bush, emphasized that allowing the case to stand on legal grounds would constitute to “judicial activism”. He further stated that the relief being sought by the plaintiff were beyond the powers of judiciary to grant.

Those who witnessed the proceedings stated that the arguments presented by Sidney Powell were baseless. Her arguments were based on conspiracy theories instead of concrete proofs. Moreover, she falsely that that Bush v. Gore decertified Florida’s election. When in reality, it did not. The arguments presented by Sidney Powell demonstrate that she was unprepared. Therefore, Kraken was dismissed.

Needless to say, Federal court is the highest court of law. A stringent standard of proof is required by these judges. If Sidney Powell wanted success, she could have at least framed her arguments in a manner that do not seem like conspiracy theories picked off from Twitter.


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