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Google Pixel users report notifications not opening on weather app

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Google Pixel users are reporting that the weather notifications are not opening the dedicated weather app. Instead, tapping on the notifications directs them to the Google app, displaying the weather search results, which are less comprehensive compared to the actual app.

The Google Pixel weather app is a pre-installed application on Google Pixel smartphones that provides users with local weather information, hourly forecasts, and other weather-related data.

Social media reports of Google Pixel weather notifications not opening on app

According to recent reports, a number of Google Pixel smartphone owners are facing difficulties in accessing detailed weather information. Adding to the problem, users cannot directly access the Weather app through an icon or shortcut.

Many Pixel users have expressed their disappointment on social media platforms. Some even suggested that Google has intentionally made this change to encourage the use of its Assistant and to collect more user data.

“So dumb. Also the amount of times I touch the date instead of the weather and vice versa on the widget thing… It’s like nobody at Google uses these phones regularly,” one user wrote.

“Google has to do their work, it’s getting ridiculous that there isn’t even a native Weather App available,” another said.

Potential workarounds

Although Google has not made any official statement regarding the issue, there are some possible solutions.

Firstly, you may consider turning off weather notifications and utilizing the “At a Glance” widget to access the weather app directly.

“I have the weather notification turned off, and instead have the “At A Glance” widget on my home screen, and tapping on the temperature opens the weather app,” a Redditor suggested.

Another solution is to add a direct shortcut to the app on your device’s home screen. To do this, access the weather app, click on the “Profile” button, and select the “add shortcut” option.

Furthermore, to access the weather app’s full interface by scrolling down and tapping on “hourly, humidity, wind and more” in the “weather” search results. You may also want to try installing a third-party weather widget app, such as Another Widget.

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