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Google Pixel wireless charging not working after Android 13 update

Android 13 Earthquake Warning

Multiple Google Pixel users reported issues related to wireless charging not working after the Android 13 update.

Social media reports of Google Pixel wireless charging not working after Android 13

The issue seems to occur mainly on Google Pixel 4 phones. The wireless charging option seems faulty after the Android 13 update.

One user posted on Reddit with the subject ‘wireless charging it’s literally unusable’. The post read: “So, I’ve read someone else having this problem but now I don’t know what to do my battery it’s draining like crazy.”

Another user posted a thread ‘Any issues with Pixel stand 2 since Android 13?’ on Reddit.

“I installed Android 13 on my Pixel 4XL last night, and now it won’t charge on the stand for more than a few minutes until it stops and I get a ‘Not charging’ message,” the Redditor wrote. “It worked fine yesterday on Android 12, I suppose it will get addressed in a future patch, it’s just frustrating to upgrade to lose functionality!” they added.

The latest Android 13 update has brought along a plethora of issues with Google devices. Some of these issues were prevalent since the beta versions of Android 13, such as fingerprint scanner issues and device freezing. Moreover, some of the bugs were fixed while others still continue to ruin the user experience.

The problem reaches far more than the Pixel 4 series as Pixel 6 users are experiencing similar issues. The charging bug was present in Android 12 too, so it’s possible it could have showed up in the latest update as well.

The affected users claim the issue persists regardless of the charger they used. Some also report they have to restart their phone in order to make the wireless charging work.

Issue acknowledged and possible workarounds

Google’s development team recently acknowledged and marked the wireless charging issue as ‘In-progress’ on the official issue tracker. However, there is still no ETA provided by the development team.

There are also a few workarounds that can help resolve the problem temporarily.

“After clearing the cache and data in the Pixel Stand app and restarting my phone, the issue has been fixed,” one user posted. Others said restarting their phone before placing it on the charger worked for them.

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