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Google search results glitch: Answer card not working properly

google search results glitch answer card not working

Google has been actively working on the Search results page overhaul for the past few months. However, users are not really satisfied with the recent changes and complaining about the Google search results glitch.

Google search features

The company started a trial of dark theme on Windows and Mac sometime back. Users of Google Search can avail the feature on mobile and will soon be accessible to computers as well. The previous trial was not available for all, but this time the rollout will attract more users including those using other browsers like Microsoft Edge.

Google Search is also coming up with the ‘About this result’ feature, as reported by 9to5Google. This panel will provide detailed information about the website a user is going to browse.

As announced in October, Google is set to launch passage ranking alongside ‘Hum to Search’. The company aims to resolve the single passage for a question’s answer that goes hidden deep down in a web page due to several topics or long length. According to Google’s expectations, this feature will likely improve 7% of search results across all languages as soon as it is globally launched. As of now, passage ranking in Google Search is limited to English queries in the US as compared to dark theme support.

Google search results glitch

However, one thing is for sure, Google Search users are quite disappointed with the recent tweak in the app that could be an outcome of current feature testing.

When i search for “Weather”, “Weather in ‘City'”, “Time”, or “2+2” etc…, it’s not showing quick answers or answers from the calculator for it. i tried Incognito mode it worked, i tried another account it worked, but if i log in with my account (logged in incognito mode) it’s not working, same with my smartphone. also if i log in with another account on smartphone it worked. seems like the issue is linked with my account, and not related with extensions, malwares. – Google Search Help

So far for me it seems i am able to use what is the time but none of the others work. I have 2 accounts experiencing this and about 3 that work fine. – Google Search Help

TL;DR – Context sensitive google search results aren’t working after I log in to my google account across platforms. (when I log out, everything is fine). Is it possible somehow for the account to be corrupted?
Thoughts? Solution? – Google Search Help

Answer card not working

Ideally, a Google Search for simple queries like weather, time, common currency conversion, and word definitions offers the most relevant result in an answer card. But Google Support forums are flooded with users posting their issues about incorrect Google Search results. The issue usually occurs when the user is signed into his account. As soon as he signs out of the account, the Search results appear better on the answer card.

Although Google has not announced an official statement regarding this issue, the company representatives are responding to users’ queries promptly. According to a Google Product Expert,

In view of the number of similar reports, I’ve referred this behaviour to the Google Search team for investigation. It does seem to be odd that an account related experiment would remove so many useful features. – Google Search HelpĀ 

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