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Google Photos “Device is too hot” issue: Users can’t backup photos

The popular Google Photos app on Android got a new update recently. Users can now enjoy a new video editor equipped with numerous enhanced editing features that comes with the update. That being said, few posts are surfacing on the internet related to the “device is too hot’ issue.

With the recent update, Google Photos on Android has more than 30 controls. The ability to crop, change perspective, stabilize, and use filters. Users can also edit the brightness, contrast, saturation, and warmth of videos—just like that of an image. The new features in Google Photos are a good way to start if you don’t own video editing software.

Besides new video editing features, Google is also adding more premium photo editing features to Google Photos. That includes some of the editing features that were previously available in Pixel phones. These effects include portrait blur, portrait light, and color pop and are now available on other Android devices. These new premium editing features are available for Google One members only.

There are probably tens of millions of devices that run Android 11. If your device runs Android 11 and you use Google Photos, there’s a chance that you’ve experienced a rather problematic issue. Users are unable to backup photos due to a “device is too hot” issue.

Cant backup my photos because”device is too hot”. This happened after the new update came out. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, using both my wifi and data, force stopping the app on my phone and it still can’t backup any of my photos!!!! It will literally say “device is too hot” and be stuck in the loading icon to backup my photos. – Source: Google Support

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