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Mi A3: Users face app crashes and lags after Android 11 update

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi started releasing the Android 11 update for its Mi A3 smartphone after a long halt. But the update turned out to be a disappointment for the Mi A3 users.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 users who updated the smartphones to Android 11 are experiencing multiple issues. There are complaints of lags, app crashing, and even hanging problems.

The Xiaomi Mi A3 has launched last year and the device received a price cut in January 2021.

Previous issues with Xiaomi Mi A3

This is not the first time that Mi A-series users are experiencing issues.  When Xiaomi initially released the latest Android 11 update for Mi A3 phones, few users started experiencing problems after installing the update. Some devices were facing brick issues. The company noted the issue and halted the rollout.

Previously Mi A2 Lite and Mi A1 owners experienced numerous issues when they updated their phones to the latest Android OS. Several Mi A3 users had earlier reported problems with the Android 10 update.

Users reporting issues on social media

There are recent reports on social media forums with regards to the device’s performance following the update.

So recently I have updated my MIA3 mobile to Android 11 version this is what happened after few days of usage, It got continuously shutting down and finally got dead… MI is loosing its reliability by such updates – Twitter Source

After Android 11 update, Phone hanging, freezing, apps not working and what not. – Twitter Source

After Android 11 there is a huge battery drain. Always on Display activates by some notifications but the option is disabled. Chat Bubbles not working. Instagram videos blinking and lagging. – Twitter Source

These tweets show that many Mi A3 users are encountering some serious performance issues on Android 11. Some apps are not working, crashes and reboot issues occur after updating to Android 11. Many users complained that their device reboots itself in some cases.  System UI also crashes after which the phone goes into the lock screen on its own.

How Xiaomi Mi A3 issue can be fixed?

There is not a concrete solution as of yet except for factory resetting your Mi A3. To do this, go to Settings > System > Reset options > Erase all data. Make sure to back up all your data beforehand though.

In an official statement, Xiaomi has requested Mi A3 users to visit their physical stores if they are facing the issue. The company has assured that users will not have to pay if they visit the service center.

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