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GoPro Hero 12 vs Hero 11: What’s the difference?

GoPro Hero 12 vs Hero 11: What's the difference?
Credits: GoPro

GoPro Hero 12 vs Hero 11: It’s time for a face-off! GoPro recently unveiled its latest addition to the action camera lineup, the GoPro Hero 12 Black.

This newcomer is quite similar to its predecessor, the Hero 11 Black. It features a similar design, the same 1/1.9-inch CMOS image sensor, and identical image and video resolutions. Both cameras boast matching waterproof ratings and use the same-sized batteries.

While the Hero 12 brings some fresh features to the table, it also comes with a few surprises. Let’s dive into the differences and upgrades in the GoPro Hero 12 Black.

GoPro Hero 12 vs Hero 11: Features, Improvements, and More

New Design Features

In terms of design, the GoPro Hero 12 Black and Hero 11 Black are like twins. They share the same outer shell, which means they have the same ports, displays, and toughness. However, the Hero 12 does have a couple of new features worth noting. One noticeable change is the fresh appearance of the Hero 12. It’s got some cool blue details on its surface, setting it apart from previous GoPro models. But remember, this is all about looks and doesn’t change how the camera works

Picture and Video Quality Improvements

When it comes to taking photos and shooting videos, both the GoPro Hero 11 and Hero 12 use the same 8:7 sensor that’s about the size of a 1/1.7-inch. They can snap pictures and film at the same resolutions and speeds, so the pictures and videos they produce will look very similar. The special hydrophobic lens repels water, ensuring your underwater shots stay perfectly clear and sharp.

But here’s the cool part about the Hero 12 Black: it can do this special 8:7 shape in all video modes, like TimeWarp, Time Lapse, Night Lapse, and all Night Effects modes. So, you get a wider view of more situations with the Hero 12 Black. There’s a cool new thing called the GP Log color profile. This lets you tweak the colors more when you’re editing, and it can capture a wider range of colors compared to the regular GoPro Flat profile.

HDR Video, QuikApp and Hypersmooth

There’s also a new mode called HDR video, which goes all the way up to 5.3K30. That’s something you only find in the Hero 12 Black. The HDR mode can control light much better in indoor and outdoor settings. As per a comparison video by Youtuber Phillip Skraba, the Hero 12 shows a better result with the HDR mode on.

You can easily change the way you’re recording videos with just a tap. If you want a regular wide-screen video, choose Wide Screen mode. If you’re making content for social media, go for 4K60 Vertical Capture. You can significantly widen your perspective by up to 48%, all without the need for extra mounts or having to turn your camera. This results in an immersive point-of-view experience that’s perfect for sharing videos on social media.

Alternatively, you can shoot in Full Frame and make your decision later using the Quik app, so you have lots of options. Now you can easily sync up multiple HERO12 Black cameras using timecode through the Quik app. This is great for capturing an event from different viewpoints and later making exact, seamless edits during editing. You can also use these synchronized timecode clips in software like Adobe Premiere Pro for multi-camera projects.

And if you’re into smooth videos, the Hero 12 has got an upgrade there too. It has this thing called HyperSmooth 6.0 with AutoBoost, which looks at a lot more data than the older HyperSmooth 5.0. This means your videos should have smoother transitions between different levels of stabilization, making them look even better. Horizon Lock is also included in HyperSmooth 6.0, making it simpler than ever to maintain a level horizon even when your camera completes a full 360° rotation. This upgrade is ideal for activities like mountain biking, skiing, and other action sports.

Source: GoPro

Audio and Accessories

The GoPro Hero 12 Black makes going wireless a breeze. It can connect to Apple AirPods and other Bluetooth earbuds, headphones, and microphones. This handy feature allows for effortless vlogging, narrating scenes, and controlling the camera using voice commands, even from a distance. In contrast, the Hero 11 Black required you to attach external microphones through the camera’s 3.5mm mic input.

Another exciting update in the GoPro Hero 12 Black is the inclusion of 1/4-20 mounting threads. This means the new model can easily fit onto standard camera mounts and accessories, including the new 48-inch-long Extension Pole + Waterproof Shutter Remote.

Final Word on GoPro Hero 12 vs Hero 11

In conclusion, the GoPro Hero 12 Black offers some smart improvements, especially if you’re into features like a Log color profile and timecode sync, or if you need longer battery life. However, it’s not a huge leap from the Hero 11 Black. If you already own a Hero 11 and love using GPS overlays, it might be best to stick with it. Plus, with the Hero 11 likely to drop in price, it could be the better value option for those looking to save some cash. Ultimately, your choice depends on your specific needs and budget.


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