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How To Block Robocalls From Call Centers Or Telemarketers

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We are sure you will agree that robocalls can be annoying.  Apple, Google, and the US government are already planning to stop them completely. While we hope that happens soon, do you know that there are actions you can take to block robocalls from call centers or telemarketers?

How To Block Robocalls From Your Devices

According to reports, the US lawmakers are already planning to pass legislation that would help to prevent unnecessary calls from your device.

Apple and Google have added a built-in feature on iPhones and Android phones. This built-in feature helps to block certain unknown numbers from calling or texting your device. Apart from this feature, there are some third-party apps, including Nomorobo, RoboKiller, and Truecaller, that also help to block robocalls from telemarketers.

Here are a few guides on how you can block robocalls from telemarketers and call centers.

1- Block/Silence Unknown Callers In iOS 13

In case you have Apple’s iOS 13 or higher installed on your iPhone, there’s a feature on it that can help you block robocalls from call centers and telemarketers. It helps to silent calls from unknown callers, sending them to your voicemail, where they appear on your recent list. Also, you can easily go to the list and return calls, in case there’s an important phone number of the recent lists.

To enable the feature, you need to go to your Settings app and click the Phone section. After that, scroll down and toggle the Silent Unknown Callers button to help you enable the feature.

2- Block Phone Numbers On iPhone

Robocallers make use of thousands of phone numbers over and over again. However, one thing that’s interesting about the numbers is that most of them utilize the same prefixes as your phone number. In case you want to know how to block robocalls and other irrelevant calls on your iPhone device, here’s a simple step:

  • Go to your phone app, and tap on recent calls. From there, you’ll be able to choose the number you want to block.
  • Next, tap on the info icon right beside the number.
  • Tap Block this Caller, then proceed by tapping Block Contact.

By doing that, you won’t have to worry about receiving calls from the number anymore.

3- Block Numbers From Android Phones

In case you are interested in knowing how to block robocalls from telemarketers on your Android devices, here’s a simple step for you:

  • Open your device’s phone app, and choose recent calls.
  • Tap the specific number you’re interested in blocking, and tap the block/report spam icon.
  • Then, proceed by confirming the action.

Apart from this process, there are also some Android phones that can enable users to block unknown calls through their Settings app.

In case your phone has that feature, all you need is to go to the Settings app, and select the block number option and activate it.

4- Scam Block And Scam ID Feature On T-Mobile

With T-Mobile, you can easily enjoy the Scam ID and Scam Block feature free of charge. The Scam ID helps to detect calls from scammers, while the Scam Block enables you to block the calls before coming to your phone.

Furthermore, you’ll get to enjoy the Name ID feature when you subscribe to $4 per month. That helps to show the location and name of the callers, and block irrelevant and robocalls.

5- Verizon Call Filter

You can also block robocalls on your device with the Verizon call filter. Although the offer by Verizon is about $3 per month, the wireless network provider also offers it free of charge to compatible devices.

For the free plan, the call filter helps users to detect and filter spam calls. That, it does by signaling you any time there are robocalls or spam calls. For the prepaid plan, the call filter helps to kick in the caller ID and some other features.

You can always download the call filter app on the Apple Store or Google play store.

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