How To Incorporate Feng Shui In Your Home

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Ancient Chinese laws of feng shui have become pretty mainstream in recent years, and there is no real surprise as to why. It can feel a bit esoteric at first, however, there is a lot of philosophy behind it that makes it so appealing.

You do not need to incorporate extreme feng shui standards, or go buying a feng shui dragon, you can just do a few small things here and there that will help you to really bring out the best in your home through feng shui.

These are practices that help to organize our homes and make our homes healthier. We are more connected to our homes than we may think. They can affect our mood and our well-being.

So, what is feng shui?

Feng shui is the practice of attempting to create balance in a space between the natural world and interior spaces. Creating energy that will craft harmony between us and our environment.

Simple Feng Shui

So, where do you begin when you want to utilize feng shui? Well, there are some focus areas it is recommended to concentrate on when you are starting to introduce feng shui into your home.

You can do this even if a room is already decorated.

Brighten Entry Hall

With feng shui the entrance to your home is important. With feng shui, your entry hall will represent how energy comes into your home. The front door is called ‘the mouth of qi’.

And, since your entry hall is the first place you see when you enter your home, it is a good place to start.

It is ideal to begin with decluttering and getting rid of dirt and debris. Objects tend to pile up in this area too, so it is worthwhile doing some decluttering here. Give it a sweep and a clean, and a wipe down.

Consider how you can make this space more inviting and appealing, make it match the energy that you want to be entering your home.

Window Cleaning

In feng shui, windows represent eyes for adults and voices for children. You should therefore clean your windows regularly, and clear windows will allow more light and warmth into your home.

Sunlight gives us energy, and wakes us. It will also bounce off the things we see when we let more light into our homes. We metaphorically see with more clarity and precision when we have clean windows.

If you can, try to make use of natural or homemade window cleaners. White vinegar, water and essential oils mixed make a great mix for cleaning your windows in feng shui.

Introduce Plants Into Your Home

Plants embody life energy. Living plants connect us to nature and bring new life and energy into our homes.

Green plants are like fresh juice for the soul, they bring vitality with them, as well as freshness.

Plants release oxygen as well, freshening the air in your home, and making everything feel more natural. Do not forget, however, that plants require care, and space, so when you buy a plant make sure it is ideal for your placement, and you can care for it.

Do not forget to take lighting and humidity requirements into consideration. Try plants such as pothos for an easy start, and if you want a plant for the bathroom, Hoya plants do well in this room.

Vertical Shapes.

Vertical shapes represent expansion and growing. You do not need to have vertical shelves (how would that even work?) However, it can work for you to introduce some vertical aspects to your home.

Try adding lighting where the streams of light go up, a tree that will make the space feel larger. Tall bookshelves that stack vertically instead of horizontally can also bring a tall feeling.

Get Rid Of Obstacles

Think of your frequent paths around your home, the places you walk through. Are they free of tripping hazards?

It is understandable if you have kids that leave toys littered around, but there is no reason for that end table and you to be bumping each day.

Consider how you move through a room, and try to keep this pathway as clear as you can. It might inspire you to rearrange the furniture, and if this happens, then it is probably well overdue.

Efficiency and openness is important in feng shui, so make sure that you clear obstacles and instructive objects from your path so you and the energy of your home have a clear path through which to travel.

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