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Hunter Biden favored as culprit by bookies for White House cocaine

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The discovery of a baggie of cocaine in the White House‘s West Wing has ignited a storm of speculation and accusations. Bookies have favored Hunter Biden, the President’s first son and a recovering drug addict, as the possible culprit. However, officials have acknowledged the challenges involved in identifying the responsible party due to the location’s unique characteristics and lack of surveillance footage.

Leading online sportsbook BetOnline has given Hunter Biden +170 odds, positioning him as the favored candidate among a range of improbable contenders. This list includes well-known figures like Angelina Jolie, “One of the Jonas Brothers,” Snoop Dogg, and Elton John, adding an element of amusement to the ongoing speculation. also supports the notion of Hunter Biden as the frontrunner.

Costa Rican sportsbook Bovada has assigned the most favorable odds (-400) to a mysterious “Tour Group Guest,” with Hunter Biden following closely at +200. Bovada’s list of potential suspects encompasses reasonable options such as the janitorial staff, a Secret Service Special Agent, and even the White House Librarian. Additionally, they have included outlandish possibilities like the “President’s Bag Man,” Angelina Jolie once again, and even Tony Montana from the film “Scarface” with extremely low odds.

Despite bookmakers’ optimism, officials involved in the investigation express doubt regarding their ability to pinpoint the culprit. The incident’s unique location and the absence of surveillance cameras pose significant challenges in gathering substantial evidence. An official involved in the investigation conveyed to Politico that it would be exceedingly difficult to determine the responsible person due to the location’s nature. They emphasized that even if surveillance cameras were present, capturing the incident might have been unlikely unless the baggie of cocaine was visibly waved around.

Initial reports erroneously suggested that the white powder was discovered in the White House library. However, it was later clarified that the baggie was actually found in a cubby within the heavily traversed West Wing holding area. The incident prompted a complete evacuation of the building, with hazmat units summoned to the scene. Subsequent testing confirmed that the substance indeed was cocaine.

Press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed questions about Hunter Biden, emphasizing that neither the President nor his family were present during the incident. When specifically asked about Hunter’s involvement, administration spokesman Andrew Bates refrained from commenting, leaving room for speculation.

Jean-Pierre disclosed that several staff-led tours had taken place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, all passing through the West Wing area where the cocaine was discovered.

The Secret Service has assumed control of the investigation but has adhered to their practice of not commenting on ongoing inquiries.

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