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iPad Mini 7 release date, specs and rumors

iPad Mini 7
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Rumors and leaks about the upcoming iPad mini 7 are slowly coming out, but unlike the iPhone 15, they’re not coming in large numbers. Even the well-known sources of these leaks are not entirely agreeing on what we can expect from the new small tablet.

When we checked out the current iPad mini, which came out in 2021, we really liked how small and easy it was to hold with one hand. We were also really impressed by how fast it was, thanks to its A15 Bionic chip. The screen looked really clear and colorful, and the battery lasted a good amount of time. It was cool that it charged with USB-C, and the camera got better too, with features like Center Stage that were taken from the iPad Pro.

It looks like a lot of people really want a smaller Apple tablet, even though there have been big breaks between when they release new iPad mini versions. Because the iPad mini 6 did really well, we’re eager to find out what the next one will be like. Let’s talk about what we might see in the iPad mini 7 based on some of the rumors.

iPad Mini 7 release date

It’s been a bit tricky to figure out exactly when the iPad mini 7 will come out, but people experts say it could be anywhere from the end of 2023 to the beginning of 2024. Ming-Chi Kuo, an Apple analyst, mentioned on Twitter that they expect the new iPad Mini 7 to start production in the first part of 2024.

ShrimpApplePro, who’s known for sharing Apple secrets, dropped a hint that the iPad mini 7 might come out later this year. But another expert on Apple stuff, Michael Gurman from Bloomberg, doesn’t seem to agree. He also thinks that the iPad mini 7 will probably come out next year. In one of his newsletters from January, Gurman mentioned that he doesn’t think Apple will make any big changes to their iPads in 2023.

It would be a nice surprise if the iPad mini 7 gets revealed at the same time as the iPhone 15 in Apple’s September event. Sadly, different leakers are giving us mixed information, so we’re not sure who to believe just yet.

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iPad mini (7th generation) price

Apple hasn’t revealed how much the next iPad mini will cost, and no leaks have spilled the beans either. But we can expect it to come in two versions: one that connects to Wi-Fi and another that can use cellular networks. You’ll likely have the choice between two storage sizes.

To give you an idea, the current iPad mini is priced like this, and the new one will probably be similar:

iPad mini 7 (Wi-Fi): 64 GB for $499, 256 GB for $649
iPad mini 7 (cellular): 64 GB for $649, 256 GB for $799

If there are any improvements to things like the brain (CPU), graphics (GPU), memory, screen, battery, camera, and so on, you might have to pay extra for those upgrades.

iPad mini (7th generation): design and build

The iPad mini 6 was the first big makeover for the smaller Apple tablet since the iPad mini 4. That’s why we’re not thinking there will be massive changes in the design of the iPad mini 7. This idea is supported by what Mark Gurman from Bloomberg thinks – he says the new iPad mini will probably just have a better processor and not much else.

Although we’re still many months to the release of the next iPad mini, a lot of leaks and rumors are already flying the air regarding the phone’s design and build. 

As you already know, the iPad mini 6 came with a dramatic redesign compared to its predecessor. As such, we’re predicting that Apple won’t add any noticeable design changes to the upcoming iPad mini. The 6th generation iPad mini came with a screen size of 8.3in. The device also came with slim bezels, a USB-C port, and Touch ID (which is on the power button).

However, a smart connector, which is available on the iPad Air and iPad Pro models, is currently missing out on the iPad mini 6. For those who don’t know, the smart connector has 3 flush metal contacts and is held in place, magnetically, just like the MagSafe power adapter. With the smart connector, you can always use the iPad mini like a laptop by connecting it to the Magic keyboard. It’ll be a great addition if Apple includes the smart connector on the upcoming iPad mini 7.

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Display and storage

According to a rumor regarding the display of the upcoming iPad mini 7, the device could launch with support for a 120 Hz refresh rate. This information came from MacRumors. It says that the next iPad mini will feature a 120Hz ProMotion display.

If the information above is anything to go by, then the iPad mini 7th generation will provide ultra-smooth scrolling. It’ll also deliver a smoother animation and a more pleasing image than the 60 Hz refresh rate, which is available on iPad mini 6.

The iPad mini is versatile and can be utilized for a lot of things. These include storing movies, TV shows, apps, comics, games, books, and magazines. For this reason, the devices deserve enough space.

The iPad mini (6th generation) base model came with a storage capacity of 64GB. We believe this is not enough space and Apple can always do better. So, we expect the upcoming iPad mini 7 to launch with at least 128GB for the entry-level model. We also expect the 256GB maximum storage capacity to increase and move to 512GB for the next generation.

Other possible specs

We’re also hoping for some changes in the iPad mini 7. Modern iPads have this cool thing called the Smart Connector. It’s a three-pin connection that attaches accessories like keyboards with magnets. We find it really handy because it can transfer both data and power.

Surprisingly, the iPad Mini is the only one missing this feature. But we’re really hoping the next iPad Mini gets it. Even the more affordable iPad (10th generation) has it. Therefore, it makes sense for the iPad Mini to have it too. If it does happen, Apple will probably also release accessories that work with it.

The current iPad Mini has thinner borders at the top and bottom, thanks to getting rid of the home button. But they’re still pretty big. The screen-to-body ratio of the 2021 iPad Mini is only 77.4%, which isn’t as much as other fancy devices. So we’re crossing our fingers for slimmer bezels in the next one.

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