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iPhone 11 Pro issues: Bluetooth, black screen during call

iPhone 11 Pro issues

The iPhone 11 series has been around for months. In fact, some Apple fans have started looking forward to the next-gen iPhone 12 line-up. Most of the glitches with the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max, had been reported in late 2019 itself. But we are well into the second quarter of 2020 and some users are still reporting iPhone 11 Pro issues.

No, the iPhone 11 Pro doesn’t suffer from embarrassing issues like antennagate and bendgate. It’s an excellent device with a brilliant camera. Some of the iPhone 11 Pro problems we have come across in the past include the iCloud Restore issues, visual voicemail issues, WiFi issues, sound problems, RAM management problems, and even Face ID-related issues.

iPhone 11 Pro issues: Bluetooth connection cuts off

On April 20, an iPhone 11 Pro user going by the username ‘Shadow4343‘ posted in Apple’s Support forum that they were having Bluetooth connection issues. The user has multiple Apple devices. They added that the iPhone 11 Pro’s connection cuts off on all the Bluetooth devices. The said user also has an older iPhone running an older version of iOS, which works just fine.

Black screen during calls

Separately, another user Sequ3nce said in Apple’s Support forum that they get a black screen during calls when they remove the iPhone 11 Pro from the ear to see time. The screen doesn’t light up until the top of the screen is wiped. It could be because the sensor registers the smudges on the screen as an object. So, the black screen won’t go away until the smudges are cleaned.

It’s not clear if or when Apple would fix these problems. If you have experienced any problems on your iPhone 11 Pro, you can reach out directly to Apple’s support team via Twitter or the company’s website.

The Cupertino company recently released the iOS 13.4.1, which fixed many bugs. It is currently testing the iOS 13.4.5, which would be rolled out in the coming weeks. Apple will announce the next-gen iOS 14 software at its WWDC event in June. The iOS 14 will be rolled out to the public with iPhone 12 in September or later.

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