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No difference: iPhone 12 design looks similar to iPhone 11

iPhone 12 pro max look iphone 11 design

After Evan Blass leaked photos for iPhone 12, several people expressed that the design for iPhone 12 looks just like iPhone 11. Many people went ahead to claim that there appears to be no difference at all in the design of the two phones.  The full lineup for the colors available for iPhone 12 is listed below:

  1. iPhone 12 mini: Black, blue, green, red, and white
  2. iPhone 12: Black, blue, green, red, and white
  3. iPhone 12 Pro: Blue, gold, graphite, and silver
  4. iPhone 12 Pro Max: Blue, gold, graphite, and silver

iPhone 12 design looks like iPhone 11: Fans react

Several people commented that the lineup for iPhone 12 is exactly the same as iPhone 11.

  • One user tweeted, “They only changed the colors.” While another said, “It still has that fugly camera lip on the top of the screen? 2015 called and wants their phone back.” Many people have raised the concern that the new iPhone 12 looks extremely old-fashioned and out-dated.
  • One user tweeted, “Same shit, different wrapper.” While another replied by tweeting, “even wrapper same bud.” The tweets regarding the similarities between the design of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 11 kept flowing in.
  • One user tweeted, “Apple introduces a new color with the same 3-year-old design and fanboys are “wowed”.
  • “Same old, same old. Boring”, tweeted another Apple fan who was waiting for exciting features in the new line up.
  • One user tweeted, “Hmm I mean obviously it would be a good upgrade for people with older phones but those people could just get an iPhone 11 for a cheaper price. When YouTubers will be comparing the 11 with the 12 I’m assuming there will be quite a disappointment.” Another user replied to this by saying, “Yeah I still got a iPhone 6 Plus so it will be a huge upgrade for me so I can’t be disappointed. But people with X and up going to the 12 don’t see much of an improvement.”

Upgrades in the new iPhone 12

Despite the concerns regarding both phones having ditto designs. There are several upgrades and features to the new iPhone 12. The display of the iPhone 12 features a refresh rate of 120Hz along with a ProMotion display. This is currently only available in an iPad Pro. Most phones including the iPhone 11 refresh at the rate of 60 frames per second. In this aspect, the iPhone 12 is considerably faster.

The camera for iPhone 12’s is considerably upgraded compared to that of the iPhone 11. The iPhone 11 camera featured a photo Night Mode in addition to the ultra-wide-angle feature. An ultra-wide-angle camera assists in adding greater detail to the photos along with a great video camera.  There have been rumors and speculations that the iPhone 12 may come with a time-of-flight feature in the camera.  Fans will have to wait a few more hours for the official launch to give their final verdicts on the new phone.

Bonus: See how much the iPhone design has changed from the very first model of iPhone to iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 design looks original iPhone 1 look

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