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New iPhone 12 design looks to surprise this fall

iPhone 12 design iPad Pro Like

Apple, for years, has been accused of making little more than incremental changes to the design of its iPhones and other products each fall when new releases are in the works. This year the company is looking to shake-up the critical response to its new offerings by introducing the new design of the iPhone 12.

iPhone 12 Design Looks To Change This

Critics have a horrible tendency to rush to judgment to feel they are doing their jobs. However, there are no requirements for them to jump to the negative. Famed food writer, Jonathan Gold of “The Los Angeles Times” and author of numerous books, avoided this temptation. Rather, the famed Mr. Gold wrote about his love of food and understood his job needn’t be centered on tearing things down. Rather he celebrated what he loved and the small changes he would like to see in the future and his passion for food.

According to unnamed sources, reported by Bloomberg.com recently, Apple is looking to make small changes to its iPhone line. This includes flat stainless steel edges rather than the present curved edges most have come to expect. This, however, is not to say that Apple doesn’t have larger changes in mind as well. The company is planning to add 5G to its higher-end handsets coming this Autumn in the new iPhone 12 design.

Coronavirus causing iPhone 12 production delays

The world is anxiously awaiting the release of the new James Bond film, hesitantly reading the news each day owing to the specter and changes that the coronavirus has brought to its doors. The virus has also brought production delays to new products, including Apple’s despite its significant wealth and clout. No one is immune to the reach of the virus and this includes Apple along with nearly every other manufacturer in every sector. Apple has, for years, introduced its products and new offerings in the fall and begun to sell them nearly immediately. This is looking less and less likely this year with an expected delayed release of announced products.

While there are highly anticipated offerings in store for consumers, that’s simply not bigger than the effects this virus will bring to the supply chain new iPhone 12 design or not. It’s been the norm, for over a decade, to see the lines of fanboys waiting outside Apple Stores awaiting new products. No one, including Apple, wants to see this in 2020.

New HomePod 2 design

Changes in HomePod Speaker

It’s also anticipated that Apple is looking to make significant changes to its new HomePod speaker. The device, released in 2017, faced a number of criticisms in its first iteration largely owing to its incompatibility with non-Apple streaming services. Apple effectively hitched it’s horse to its own wagon and saw nothing less than critical panning from many.

The Cupertino-based company is reportedly looking to address these complaints with a more robust Siri and a physical downsizing of the device itself with rumors suggesting that the second iteration may come in at half the size of the first. Apple has been making numerous acquisitions in the artificial intelligence arena to boost Siri while also looking to minimize the device’s actual size. If the company can pull these two off come autumn peoples’ views of the device may change significantly.

While Apple is focused on its moneymaker, the iPhone, and the rumored iPhone 12 design changes, it hopes to do more later this year when it shows the world its new product line.

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