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iPhone 14 Pro wireless charging not working due to camera bump

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The improved sensors of iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max led to a noteworthy growth in the rear ‘camera bump’. However, the camera bump is causing some issues. Some iPhone 14 Pro users complained their device’s wireless charging is not working due to the camera bump.

Complaints of iPhone 14 Pro wireless charging due to camera bump

After purchasing the iPhone 14 Pro, many users observed that their current wireless charging adapters were not compatible with their new smartphones.

The issue seems to be the iPhone 14 Pro’s new camera bump, which prevents the device from fitting correctly in the charging area on many wireless chargers.

“I’m finding that I’m having issues with Qi charging on my iPhone 14 Pro. About half the time I set it down on my charger which faces upright, the charging light continuously blinks (signaling to me that it should be charging but isn’t) and I believe the protruding cameras are the culprit,” a user posted.

“My wife’s 14 pro does not fit on her MagSafe charging stand because the camera lenses / bump protrudes out too far and prevents the phone from aligning flush against the area with magnets, making the phone just fall off the stand,” another user posted.

Apparently, the issue is occurring with generic Qi wireless chargers and MagSafe chargers as well.

“Something I have definitely noticed with my new 14 Pro is how some of my MagSafe accessories don’t fit as well as before. It could also be that is made worse since I’m going without a case, and the case helps flatten that out a little,” an affected user posted.

Potential workaround

Some users recommended that the problem could be a design flaw. There is also no official warning from Apple about any incompatibilities with current wireless chargers.

However, placing the iPhone upside down on the wireless charger has worked for some users.

“Not sure this helps, but I have an off brand desktop charger that wouldn’t charge, neither cover on nor off (lens propped it up just enough).  Accidentally placed the phone in upside down and it charged fine,” a user posted.

Apple has not officially acknowledged or responded to the issue.


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