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Italy rejects to recognize Taliban govt in Afghanistan

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Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said on Sunday that the Taliban government in Afghanistan could not be recognised, but he urged foreign governments to intervene to prevent a financial collapse that would result in massive migration flows.

In a strong reaction to the Taliban’s caretaker cabinet, Italy’s Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio stated that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan will not be recognised by them.

According to Miao, at least 17  Taliban acting ministers are “terrorists,” and it is literally impossible for them to recognise their government, according to Khaama News.

It has been nearly 45 days since the Taliban took over, but no country in the world has recognised it.

The Italian foreign minister stated that the Taliban are accused of human rights violations that will not be recognised, but that the international community should provide financial assistance to the people of Afghanistan.

Miao went on to say that the world must band together to prevent an influx of refugees that will destabilise the region and fuel terrorism in the country.

The development comes as the Taliban’s deputy minister of information and culture and spokesperson, Zabiullah Mujahid, has stated that they will be recognised soon because they are in contact with the UN.

Respect for women and human rights, inclusive governance, and not allowing Afghanistan to become a safe haven for terrorists are the international community’s preconditions for recognition.

The Taliban has yet to implement any of these, despite promising to do so, according to the report.

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