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Japan launches app to show proof of Covid vaccination

japan app proof of Covid vaccination
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The Government of Japan has launched a smartphone app on Monday that allows people to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination for a variety of purposes, including immigration procedures.

According to the government’s Digital Agency, the ‘Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate Application’ is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, and it displays information such as the number of doses a user has received, the dates of inoculation, and the vaccine manufacturer, reports Xinhua.

Through the “My Number” national identification system, the app enables people to obtain vaccination certification. All Japanese citizens and residents are given 12-digit ID numbers; however, My Number cards must be applied for separately.

People can check their immunisation status on the app by scanning their My Number cards with a smartphone. The vaccination records are saved in the Vaccination Record System, a government-created cloud system (VRS).

The VRS system does not cover all municipalities, and a list of municipalities whose residents are eligible for the service can be found on the Digital Agency website.

Users who wish to travel internationally must enter their passport information. So far, the app’s instructions are only available in Japanese.

In addition to using the digital certificates for quarantine inspections in destination countries, the agency is considering domestic use in a programme to ease Covid-related restrictions for people with proof of vaccination or negative tests even if the country re-enters a pandemic-induced state of emergency.

The app is “expected to be used for lowering infection risks in daily lives as well as economic and social activities”, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno told a press conference on Monday.

The Agency also cautioned that some registered vaccination data may be incorrect, and that users should seek any necessary corrections from their municipalities.

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