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Several vaccinated BuzzFeed employees test positive with COVID-19 after the holiday party in NYC despite mask and vaccination card requirements for entry

Buzzfeed holiday party vaccinated employees positive

There’s been plenty of talk about super-spreader events for COVID-19. However, the liberal left can’t be happy with what happened at the Buzzfeed holiday party where vaccinated employees tested positive afterward.

BuzzFeed employees test positive for COVID after holiday party

Insider reports that several vaccinated BuzzFeed employees tested positive for the virus after attending the holiday party in New York City last week. The employees told Insider that they were fully vaccinated before the party and even received their booster shots before they contracted COVID at the event. They are now experiencing mild symptoms.

BuzzFeed required employees to show their vaccination cards so that they could get into the event, and they were required to wear masks at the party unless they were “actively eating or drinking.” Following the party, the left-leaning news outlet strengthened its COVID protocols as the number of infections in New York City surged.

The new restrictions include a temporary ban on group meetings of more than six people, an order to wear masks at all times in the office, and an end to all non-essential business travel until at least January.

BuzzFeed investigates

The party was held on December 10 at Manhattan’s Starrett-Lehigh building, and employees at BuzzFeed’s New York and Washington offices and some HuffPost employees attended. BuzzFeed acquired HuffPost last year.

One of the staffers who tested positive told Insider that they learned they had been exposed after the company’s in-house contact tracing team told them they had been in contact with someone who tested positive.

Another employee who tested positive said they knew about 10 COVID cases among the party attendees. They added that fix or six are currently sick and the others are waiting for test results.

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