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Joe Biden is the subject of an active federal criminal investigation [REPORT]

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The latest report suggests that Joe Biden has been subjected to an active Federal criminal investigation. A criminal investigation is being conducted regarding his role in the counterintelligence investigation. The counterintelligence investigation was directed towards the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential elections. This also includes the former vice president’s activities undertaken during his tenure in Ukraine.

Joe Biden subjected to Federal Investigation

The Federal investigation uncovered that there were 100 contacts between the Trump campaign advisers during the 2016 elections and individuals affiliated with the Russsian government. Reports suggest that Ukrainian witnesses are cooperating in this Federal investigation. No official authorities have confirmed this report yet. It was posted by Paul Sperry on Twitter, Paul is the former D.C. bureau chief for Investor’s Business Daily, he has written several books and is an acclaimed conspiracy theorist.

He tweeted the following, “BREAKING: Joe Biden is the subject of an active federal criminal investigation into his role in the counterintelligence investigation directed @ the Trump campaign during the 2016 election, incl the former vice president’s activities in Ukraine. Ukrainian witnesses are cooperating”

This report was welcomed by Trump supporters who have disagreed with much of Biden’s manifesto. One user tweeted, “#JoeBiden is under Federal Investigation for activities including #Burisma & Ukraine. I wonder if “objective” moderator #ChrisWallace still thinks it’s not a relevant issue. As opposed to implying a businessman is to blame for tax laws he must (and did) follow, of course.” This report is likely to negatively impact Biden’s campaign as many citizens would not want to vote for a candidate under Federal investigation.

Biden’s actions in Ukraine called into question

Paul Sperry posted the following tweet on Tuesday, “BREAKING: House investigators have now joined the Senate in requesting the FBI open a criminal investigation into possible foreign influence-peddling & embezzlement involving Joe Biden and his younger brother and son based on suspicious financial activities flagged by US Treasury.”

President Trump accused Biden, Hillary and Obama and their activities leading up to a “treasonous plot” on Wednesday. He further suggested that Biden should not be allowed to run for the president in light of these allegations. He tweeted, “Wow!!! NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS, THE BIGGEST OF ALL POLITICAL SCANDALS (IN HISTORY)!!! BIDEN, OBAMA AND CROOKED HILLARY LED THIS TREASONOUS PLOT!!! BIDEN SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED TO RUN – GOT CAUGHT!!!

In relation to this Federal investigation, amuse tweeted, “The @TheJusticeDept will use the ‘active federal criminal investigation’ status as an excuse to stop releasing incriminating documents and emails to Congress and the public. The investigation will go nowhere. The swamp is deep…”

Tensions between Trump and Biden supporters run high as they debate on Biden’s guilt and the ongoing investigation. None of these reports have been confirmed by official authorities yet.


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