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Joe Biden Becomes First Presidential Candidate To Surpass 80 Million Votes

According to the latest reports, Joe Biden has surpassed 80 million votes. Currently, Trump stands at approximately 74 million votes. History shows that no presidential ticket has ever hit 70 million, this is a monumental moment in the history of the United States.

Biden surpasses 80 million votes

A journalist tweeted, “BREAKING: Biden/Harris just became the first presidential ticket in history to surpass 80 million votes… Biden 80,033,996 (51.0%) Trump 73,878,907 (47.1%) Prior to 2020, no ticket had ever hit 70 million.”

The 2020 presidential election has seen the greatest voter turnout in history. Joe Biden’s 80 million mark is nearly 10 million more votes than Barack Obama, who was before Biden considered to be the most popular vote record-setting candidate. Barack Obama secured nearly 69 million votes over his opponent, John McCain in the presidential election of 2008.

A media person tweeted, “Update: as more Michigan counties have certified and reported to the Secretary of State, Biden’s margin of victory (154,187) is now more than 14 times Trump’s 2016 margin there (10,704 votes).” Former United States President Donald Trump was also successful in beating a record for the most votes received for a losing presidential candidate. He secured around 70 million votes.

The rising Biden vote counts and his popular vote lead of approximately 6 million votes have been overshadowed by President Trump’s assertions of voter fraud. Donald Trump alleges that he actually won the 3 November election. Trump campaign and its supporters now putting in efforts to stop or delay the votes from being counted and being certified by state officials.

Biden makes history

“It’s just a lot of noise going on because Donald Trump is a bull who carries his own china shop with him,” said Douglas Brinkley who happens to be a presidential historian at Rice University. “Once the noise recedes, it’s going to be clear that Biden won a very convincing victory, ” he added.

A policy editor tweeted, “Updated popular vote Biden: 79,231,896 votes (51.0%) Trump: 73,423,197 votes (47.2%) That % margin is about the same as Obama’s winning margin in 2012 and greater than GWB’s in 2004. Biden’s raw vote will likely breach the 80 million mark.”He added, “That’s a six million vote lead. Despite that, given the way the electoral college gives the Republicans such a profound advantage, a relatively small number of votes exchanged in the right places and Trump would have been re-elected.”

However, several people also voiced criticism regarding the number of votes secured by Biden. One user tweeted, “One of two things is true. Either Trump’s camp is right & we’re witnessing the most historic electoral malpractice in the history of democracy. Or a few formerly credible folks are lighting what little they have left on fire for Trump’s approval. I’m betting the latter.” Reservations aside, the presidential election 2020 will be an important event in the history books of the United States.

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