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Lyon’s Part-Dieu station evacuated after woman’s bomb threat

Woman blow Part-Dieu station in Lyon bomb threat

After a bomb threat in Lyon, a city of France, Police conducted an operation in Part-Dieu. The bomb threat was given by a woman who threatened to “blow herself” up. As a part of the operation, the Part-Dieu station was evacuated, and all steps were taken to ensure a lesser degree of harm occurs if the unknown woman decided to go ahead with the plan.

A woman threatened to blow Part-Dieu station in Lyon

The unknown woman has been arrested. According to local reports, the woman carried a “suspicious package” and threatened that she would detonate the bomb inside. According to local reports and eyewitnesses, the woman chanted, “Allahu Akbar (God is great).” Lyon police cautioned people in the vicinity to stay away from the area as the police team was working at the station. Needless to say, the unknown woman instilled considerable panic and anxiety in the people around. An eye witness tweeted, “Big crowd movement at the Gare de Lyon Part-Dieu. Screams and people running away. This is a bomb threat.”

An eyewitness tweeted, “A burqa-clad Muslim woman has been arrested by Lyon Police moments ago at Part-Dieu station in #Lyon city. She was carrying several bags and threatened to explode them and shouted “Allah Akbar. Security officers immediately evacuated the station area & security perimeter set up.”

France News 24 tweeted, “The train station #PartDieu was evacuated, and a large security perimeter was set up all around.” The security parameter around the area was strictly maintained and observed. Police have not revealed any information about the woman yet.

Police respond

The Lyon Police alerted other authorities regarding the threat. Trains crossing or destined for Part-Dieu were asked to divert their path, the trains were diverted to Perrache and Gare de Lyon. The threat to public security was taken seriously, the police and relevant authorities took all possible steps to ensure the safety of the public. Damied Abad, a French political told the press that he was planning to pay his father a visit via the train but he was unable to make it due to the evacuation. He tweeted, “URGENT: bomb threat at Part-Dieu De Lyon station.”

Julien Damboise, an acclaimed journalist, said that the travelers had left their luggage at the station in panic as they evacuated the station. He tweeted, “The district still completely cordoned off by the military and the police. Travelers left their luggage in the station while evacuating.” The police and relevant authorities were quick in responding to the situation. Since the suspect has been detained, steps are being taken to return the situation to normalcy.

The traffic is likely to follow its regular route now. The police will still keep the area under observance.



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