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Russian military invents device to detect suicide bombers

Russian military scientists have devised a device that assists in detecting suicide bombers. While Russia’s military invention in Syria has attracted considerable criticism, this latest invention by Russian military scientists is being praised around the world. Scientists have invented a device that helps to locate suicide bombers in densely crowded areas.

Features of the device invented by the Russian military

The servicemen of the Russian Ground Forces’ Fifth Scientific Regiment have uncovered the newly discovered device at the international military and technical forum. This device is useful in detecting suicide bombers by detecting their belts and improvised explosive devices (IEDs) among crowds. The device features sensors, software, and a mobile operator’s dashboard. The developer told the media that this device can perform its functions at mass events, large venues, crowded places, checkpoints, and within transport infrastructure. This device could prevent suicide bombers from killing thousands and hundreds of innocent people.

The device makes use of the unique radio frequency signature that is emitted from a suicide bomber’s belt or IEDs. The developer further told media that the invention of this device was inspired by the Russian army’s experience in Syria with suicide bombers. The groundwork for this device was initiated three years ago when the servicemen of the Russian military detected and seized a huge amount of suicide bomber’s belts and IEDs. This was done when the militants were being transferred in the aftermath of repatriation of refugees and mine-defusing operations.

The belts and IEDs used by suicide bombers to hatch bombs were closely observed and studied for how they operated. This resulted in a number of discoveries regarding how these suicide belts and IEDs operated through unique improvised explosives.

Efforts of the Russian military in detecting suicide bombers

The developer of the device further stated that the device is being currently tested for effectiveness and will soon be shipped to a security agency when the testing process has been finalized. He further revealed that there are currently 17 scientific regiments in the Russian military comprising of more than 650 people. Moreover, there are four scientific and production regiments that comprise of more than 200 members.

On Monday, the Army 2020 international military-technical forum was kick-started at the Patriot conference exhibition center near Moscow and will continue till Saturday. The forum also features demonstrations underway at the Alabino Shooting range, the Kubinka airbase, and the Ashuluk range in Astrakhan Region. The organizers of the mega forum calculated that guests from more than 100 countries were participating. Approximately 1,500 organizations and manufacturers will proudly present more than 28,000 inventions. About 700 pieces of modern weaponry and other military hardware are on the display for participants to admire.

The ground-breaking invention of the Russian military has captivated the audience at the forum, this device is said to be monumental in combating suicide bombers. This device will save many innocent people from terrible fates at the hands of suicide bombers.

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