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Mass reports of ‘Instagram hacked or suspended’

Mass reports of 'Instagram hacked or suspended'

Multiple Instagram users report their accounts have been hacked or suddenly suspended.

Instagram has been hit by an unusual outage, which has resulted in the suspension of thousands of users’ accounts.

Confusion among users peaked around 9:30am EST.

People flocked to Twitter to figure out what was going on.

Users report on Twitter that their Instagram accounts are suspended or hacked

Screenshots appear to show a large number of people being suspended all at once.

Disgruntled account holders have shared screenshots of a message that appears when they attempt to access their accounts, informing them that “we suspended your account on 31 October 2022.”

Below is the screenshot shared with Insider Paper by one of the suspended Instagram user.

suspended hacked instagram user account
Image: Screenshot shared by an Instagram user

Insider Paper tried to access the app, and did not encounter any problems.

“Has anyone else’s Instagram account been randomly suspended? I was worried that I’d been hacked but it seems like a few people have had the same issue,” a user said on Twitter.

“Did anyone’s instagram account get disabled, hacked or banned? My whole account seems to have disappeared,” another user tweeted.

An Instagram user complained: “@instagram I think my account has been hacked. When I tried logging in it states the user ID doesn’t exist? I’ve been using it for ages now. What’s happening?”

How to contact Instagram if your account is suspended

You can contact Instagram if your account was suspended during the outage and you are concerned about your profile.

To do so, use this link to contact their Help Center.


UPDATE 10:42 am EST: Instagram has acknowledged the issue and said: “We’re aware that some of you are having issues accessing your Instagram account. We’re looking into it and apologize for the inconvenience.”

UPDATE 11:00 am: Many Instagram users report that their followers count is decreasing amid mass account suspension issue.

This is a developing story.. check back for updates.


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