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McDonald’s offers $200 wedding package in historic menu change

McDonald's wedding package
Source: Instagram

McDonald’s has recently introduced a wedding catering package, allowing couples to incorporate the iconic golden arches into their special day. The news was shared on McDonald’s Indonesian Instagram page, providing details of the $233 package, which includes 100 chicken sandwiches and 400 chicken nuggets. The post encouraged McDonald’s enthusiasts to enhance their wedding memories with the “Wedding Mekdi package” and mentioned the availability of various exciting options with a minimum order of 200 items.

For now, the wedding catering package is exclusively offered in Indonesia, but McDonald’s has expressed the possibility of introducing it in the United States if it gains popularity. It’s important to note that other package choices are available as long as a minimum of 200 items are ordered. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that these packages only cover catering services. In Birmingham, there are many talented chefs available to transform their special day into a culinary extravaganza when couples search for wedding caterers in Birmingham.

In contrast, McDonald’s offers a different experience in Hong Kong, where they provide wedding parties directly in their restaurants.



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