Mexico’s non-human ‘alien’ corpses have 30% DNA of an ‘unknown species’: analysts

Mexican doctors conduct tests on alleged 'non-human' beings, confirm single skeleton origin
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The mystery surrounding the “non-human” mummified remains in Peru got even more interesting recently. A researcher suggested that 30% of its DNA doesn’t match any human DNA and belongs to an “unknown species,” NY Post reported.

Researchers conducted a DNA analysis on the bodies uncovered in Peru, saying they are from a single skeleton

Mexico’s Congress has turned into a bit of a spectacle over the last couple of months. The UFO enthusiast and journalist Jaime Maussan has tried to present his case multiple times that the mummified remains discovered in Peru are of extraterrestrial origin.

In his latest effort, Maussan brought in a team of researchers who conducted a DNA analysis on the figures, DailyMail reported. The results indicated that 30 percent of the DNA is from unknown’ species.’ Maussan emphasized the authenticity of the findings, emphasizing that they belong to a single skeleton.

Even though the researchers are not sure about the origin of the remaining 70% of the alleged aliens’ DNA. Maussan asserted that the DNA analysis provides strong evidence that the mummies are undoubtedly not human.

“This is the first time extraterrestrial life has been presented in this manner,” he said in a hearing, according to Daily Star. “We have a clear example of non-human specimens unrelated to any known specimens on our planet.”

“These specimens do not belong to our terrestrial evolution,” he added. “They were not creatures discovered by a UFO crash. Instead, they were found in diatom mines and later transformed into fossilized mummies.”

Maussan urges sharing knowledge of non-human entities and technology

Maussan argued that “the public has the right to know about non-human technology and beings. This reality unites humanity rather than dividing us,” he said. “We are not alone in this universe; we should embrace this truth.”

The UFO enthusiast had previously shown photographs and X-rays to the lower chamber of the Mexican Congress. Alongside Dr. Daniel Mendoza, he claimed that this evidence proves the specimens lack lungs or ribs.

Anthropologist Roger Zuniga of San Luis Gonzaga National University in Ica Peru said the specimens are real.

“There was absolutely no human intervention in the physical and biological formation of these beings,” he said in his testimony. The anthropologist added that he didn’t know the origin of the beings.


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