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Las Vegas family claims they saw aliens in their backyard

Las Vegas family claims they saw aliens in their backyard
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A Las Vegas family had a frightening experience in their backyard when they claimed to have encountered aliens, turning their peaceful evening into a spine-chilling event. This information has been confirmed by a report from 8 News Now, further adding to the mysterious nature of the event.

Las Vegas family reported seeing aliens after mysterious skyfall and bright flash

This mysterious incident, which occurred on the evening of April 30, surprised both the family and local authorities. In addition to the family’s report, numerous witnesses from Nevada, eastern California, and Utah also reported seeing a bright flash in the sky.

The public’s curiosity about the unidentified phenomenon has been piqued, especially among those who witnessed the strange light.

At approximately 11:50 pm, the tranquility of the evening was disrupted when a Las Vegas Metro police officer’s body camera recorded a peculiar beam floating at a low altitude in the sky.

The American Meteor Society also confirmed receiving multiple reports from individuals who witnessed this puzzling light display. However, what transpired afterwards remains a mystery.

Despite the passage of over a month, investigators remain perplexed by the celestial incident. What adds to the intrigue is the discovery of an unusual spherical mark on the ground, captured by drone footage, indicating that something unexplained occurred on that fateful night.

Unexplained encounters and eerie sightings unfold in Las Vegas

Approximately 40 minutes after numerous witnesses reported witnessing a mysterious light phenomenon in nearby areas, a distressed resident of Las Vegas urgently dialed 911. The caller, clearly shaken, proceeded to describe a series of unsettling events unfolding in their backyard in the Northwest Valley.

According to the frightened resident’s account, non-human entities were present alongside a motionless body. The caller also emphasized the towering stature of these beings, estimating them to be approximately 8 to 10 feet tall, with a striking resemblance to aliens.

Upon receiving the report, two officers promptly responded to the scene, recognizing the caller’s evident fear. However, what awaited them defied conventional explanation. Additional witnesses, including members of the family, reiterated the initial claims of encountering a colossal creature and verified the presence of an unidentified object of extraterrestrial origin.

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